Cupcakes instead of cake

Any recommendations for places that will do cupcakes instead of the traditional wedding cake in the Milw area?

Re: Cupcakes instead of cake

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    Most of the cake bakers will do cupcakes, but sometimes it is more expensive just because it is more time intensive for labor.The Cake Lady does cupcakes and they are heavenly.  I have ordered them several times for my own events.  I believe I've gotten 2 dozen for around $30ish.
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    During a caterer tasting tonight, we realized that we don't want a cake because we want a fabulous dessert instead. What is my point?

    When we got home we thought, we still want that "cutting the cake" ceremony so we are going to get a few Cupcakes at Metro Market.  We shared a cupcake from their bakery on our first date, so there is a cute story with it, and they are actually great at baking over there.  

    It might be worth checking out for a large order.  Good stuff, decoration is lovely, and if you are talking cupcakes instead of "wedding cake", you might get a great deal. 

    Have fun with it!
    - L. J.
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