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House issue-Big Deal or No?

So it turns out that a corner of the driveway is in a utility easement. The way the drive way is is that there is an extra pad next to the garage so that you could park another car there and then still get your cars out of the garage. The corner of this extra parking space pad is juuuuust in the utility easement.

The title company will overinsure the bank, so that isn't a problem. Obviously if the utility company were to need under that section, we would have to replace any concrete they needed to remove, and it would not be covered by the title policy. It would not require replacing the entire driveway, since it was poured in sections to begin with.

What say the Beasts? Big deal or no? I'm inclined to go with annoyance rather than dealbreaker, but I am emotionally invested in the house and so need outside opinions.
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Re: House issue-Big Deal or No?

  • Not a big deal to me.  I just backed out of a home-buying deal myself, but it was for a HUGE issue compared to that.  Just set a little money aside in case you ever need to replace the driveway and move forward, I say.
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  • The way the driveway is, it is poured in sections. So worst case scenario we would have to replace one small section. It wouldnt be nothing, but it wouldn't be a huge expense. Plus the pipes are pretty new it's a newer development, so I don't think it's too likely to be needed soon. I don't think it's a deal breaker. I just didn't know if I was under reacting, you know? In my head, it's already our house, so I was worried it clouded my judgment.
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  • That sucks, but not too big a deal to walk away if you otherwise love it. That's good that it's in blocks.

    We had to replace the front walk of our house; paid by the previous owner at closing, but we got the estimate and had the work actually done ourselves after we moved in. It was $900 for a section about 3.5'x6', so not a big piece, but concrete's not cheap. If you've got that in mind for your savings though, I think it's ok.
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  • Annoyance, not a deal breaker, IMO. (But plan/save accordingly for that)
  • We have a couple of annoyances with our house too.
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  • I think it is an annoyance, and not a dealbreaker.

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    I agree with pps. I would say major anoyance, but not a deal breaker.  Just make sure you plan and save accordingly.
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