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Nevada-Las Vegas


I'm planning on getting married September 2011. was wondering how far in advance to you book your photographer, catering, cake, etc. thanks

Re: timeline

  • GribblesGribbles member
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    I started early (like about 18 months before...) - I knew exactly what I wanted and I was keen to get deposits down ASAP to help us budget. I would recommend starting to make enquiries now if you are ready - at the very least you can secure 2010 prices by booking early.

    The finer details such as cake can wait - but for venues and photographers the earlier the better IMO!
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    I booked around the 9-8 month mark....Which took some of the popular places off my list. So by the 1yr. if you know the bigger items, Ceremony, Reception then I say go for it. The smaller things I would by at least 6moths get dep. down to make sure you get who you want, but also that gives you time to REALLY make sure you get who you want....ALSO....TALK, TALK and TALK to them to make sure you have a good vibe with them....There are WONDERFUL vendors on here but they just might not mesh with your ideas. KWIM? also....Have fun :)
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    Im getting married on October 10, 2010, which is a very popular day in vegas. I booked the reception and the ceremony about 14 months in advance. I only had two times available for my ceremony - 7 or 9pm and only one room was available at Maggianos. Other than that, everything else ive booked, cake, hair, flowers etc was not a problem. we booked those around 3-6 months in advance.
  • aerinpegadrakaerinpegadrak member
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    Usually you'll want to book your major vendors ASAP, since they can book up pretty fast and you can often secure better rates by booking early.  The one thing that can usually wait is the florist; they can handle multiple events in one day, so it's not necessary to secure them as early.
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    Take care of photographer and venue as early as you're willing to commit because they may not be there when you want them if you wait.  I had narrowed my choice down to Todd from Bentley and Wilson or MIke from http://www.mikelphotos.com/ , I asked them both for quotes, Todd was already booked 14 months in advance but fortunately Mike wasn't so I was able to get one of my initial choices, but I doubt I woudl have if I had waited much longer. 

    Some of the venues we looked at were already booked 12 months in advance but fortunately ended up with our dream option anyway since we didn't know about it until we were in Vegas to look at the other options lol.

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  • pebbs_17pebbs_17 member
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    I booked my photographer in April 2009 for my November 2010 wedding.  I booked the ceremony venue and reception dinner venue shortly after.  I booked our Vista suite as soon as it became available.
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    Please book you ceremony and reception early, I was unable to book my reception at Maggiano's on the day that I wanted, Then I moved my date back and still was unable to get the room I want They only had the small room left I had to take it  Please book your  C& R  early, everything else you can wait,
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    we booked our ceremony and reception 14 months out - because we knew the exact places we wanted and we didn't want to risk losing them.  we booked Todd for photos about a year out.

    we haven't booked a cake or florist yet.  florist for the reception is probably our next hurdle.
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    For our May wedding, we booked ceremony site 1st in August then Vista suite in October (we originally had the media suite booked bc the vista suite wasn't available).
    We booked Todd also in October, so about 7 months in advance. We booked Masterpiece & cake 3.5 months in advance.
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    Ditto PPs, book the major stuff as soon as you can. Originally we wanted 10/10/10, but most of the ceremony, photography, and reception venues were booked 8-9 months in advance due to the popularity of the date. Once we picked another date, the only vendor that was booked was the photog.
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    i booked my ceramony about 12-13 months out and my reception about 10-11 months out. I also attempted to book my 1st choice photographer at about 11 months out but he was already booked...I also found out 3 photographers were also booked that day as well, but I got Mike L. and am super excited. If you know what you want then book as soon as you can.
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    I am getting married September 2011 too! What date are you getting married!

    I have booked venue, make up and photographer already (about 1-2 months ago after about 6 months research!) . I wanted to make sure I got the vendors I wanted but I already have heard some people are already unavailable that far out!
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