Winter Dog-Friendly Venue?

I'm trying to find a venue in the greater Maryland (southern PA & WV are also on the table) Area that will let us have our dog at the reception.  We are trying to have the wedding in March ('13 or '14).  Guest list is about 150.  I'd really prefer to have a nice view (atrium?), too, but that'd just be icing on the cake at this point.


Re: Winter Dog-Friendly Venue?

  • I think you are going to run into an issue with health codes. Having a dog indoors where food is being served is a pretty big no-no. Is there a particular reason that you want your dog to be at the reception? Does he/she do well around large crowds of strangers? Are all of your guests 100% cool with having a dog around? I mean, I love our dog... a lot. But he gets way excited with people around and several of our guests are allergic to dogs, so it would not have been fair to our pup or our guests to have him along for the party. Just a thought.
  • I would try the Loews Hotel in Annapolis. Friends of mine had an anniversary party there several years ago and their dogs came too.
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