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Hi Everyone,

I just spoke with my church, and they said the time for the rehearsal is completely up to us. My fiance's parents have informed us they intend to host our rehearsal dinner BBQ-style at a really pretty local state park. The only problem is, the park closes at 8pm that night, and we can't stay later. Since the park is about 30 minutes from the church, is a 4pm rehearsal time an okay time? I know our rehearsal should take about 45 minutes, but I'm rounding up to an hour in case of questions, lateness, etc. So leaving the church at 5pm, we'd get to the park at 5:30ish, and then set up, grab plates, sit down and eat... I always figure 2 hours for dinner, so cleanup around 7:30 and out by 8. My concern is that 4pm is an early time for a rehearsal... Did any of you have a rehearsal that early? The secretary at the Church said many couples do that time block, but I guess I was just thinking it would be more like 5 or 6...

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    That would depend on the situation with your wedding party. Are they local people who will be going to work that day or are they coming in early from out of town? I wouldn't expect them to take off early from work for the rehearsal. So would it be okay with you if some of them miss the rehearsal?
  • My rehearsal is at 3 (same time as my wedding) so I can get a feel for the time of day and the weather, plus I want it timed to see how the timeline works.  Rehearsal is on Saturday so everyone will be here for the wedding from oot that are in the wedding and my local wp members are all off on Saturday.

    I don't think your time is too early at all.  I would leave at least 30 minutes extra in case things run late though... I want my rehearsal to be just 30 min, just like the wedding but I allotted 1 hour for re-dos and late comers. Also, we have to set up the cocktail hour site after dinner and I don't want us to be doing that too late.
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  • I did speak with them all and the only hangup we may have is that two of my bridesmaids are teachers and it's the last day of school... also, another of my bridesmaids is just starting law school and may have class. 

    Luckily, one of the teachers is my brother's fiance, so between planning her own wedding (same type of ceremony too, catholic ceremony 45 minutes) and my brother being a groomsman walking with her, I'm sure she'll be okay if she misses the rehearsal because he can guide her. 

    The other teacher has been in a couple of other weddings, and I'm sure that with some filling in, she'll be okay, and I suspect the same for the BM in law school if she can't make it. We had wanted to have a Sunday wedding for budget and work-schedule reasons, but the Catholic church does not allow that (or at least ours wouldn't). So here we are with a 4pm rehearsal on a Friday, the last day of school. 

    Is it bad enough that my fiance is a special education teacher and may not be able to take off of work that day?... I'm bracing myself and insisting on a positive outlook. Anyone else feel like in planning their weddings that if you don't just smile and breathe and trust that it will all be okay in the end, you wouldn't get through the planning process? haha you all made me feel much better, thanks!
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