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Photographer Price Quote?

So my friend from HS offered to take our engagement photos. She said that she does 2 different locations, an hour at each, they yeild about 75-100 photos. She said that she would charge us about $100. Is that a lot, just right or really underpriced?
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Re: Photographer Price Quote?

  • That is pretty cheap. But...

    Is she a professional photographer? Quality of her work & where you are located would dictate if that is a reasonable deal. Call around to local professional photographers & ask what their prices are. Plus, many people get E-pics included in their wedding package. Have you booked your wedding photographer yet?

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  • That is on the cheap side. Most that I quoted were $250+. We got a great deal going with a husband and wife team who have been in business over 30 years. They gave us great photos, but I didn't hire them for our wedding b/c I wanted something SPECTACULAR; I just wasn't up to paying for spectacular for e-pics; very good did for me. They charged $50 for an hour on location.

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  • Ditto, that's pretty cheap.  Most of the packages I saw when finding my photographer were $250-$300, no prints, but including the high-res digital files and a couple of favourites edited.

    It's only $100, so you could do the engagement shoot with her and if you really like her and her work, then book her for your wedding as well.

    We didn't do professional e-pics, we got my sister to take them at the park with my FI's really good DSLR camera.

  • Do you plan on hiring a pro photog for the wedding? If so, most include a free engagement session so they get to work with the couple beforehand. If you are planning to hire a pro, then I would pocket the $100 and go the pro route. If not, then I would def go with your friend, but check out her work... if it sucks then you'll be wasting $100 LOL.

  • Does she have a website or blog?  That would help us determine is $100 is a fair price for her services.  It might be pricey if her pictures don't look professional.

  • These are just some of her hundreds of pics on facebook. She doesnt have a blog or website, I dont think I will ask her after I get off work. She is not a professional but all her work I have seen from her she might as well be! I think it would be work the $100 if thats cheap for a photographer. And no we haven't booked one yet. My older sister isn't sure if she wants to be a bridesmaid or my photographer yet.
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  • For $100 I'd give it a try, you can always re-do them since they're just engagement pics, and then if she's great you could use her for wedding, or not; sounds like a good deal.

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  • Use a professional!

    My sister wound up with no photos inside the church because her H's aunt (volunteer photographer) ran out of film and didn't realize it.

    Yes, this was several years ago
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