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How are you getting in shape/staying in shape?

I think Hawaii brides have the added pressure of swimsuits on top of the usual fitting into the dress pressure!

I totally fell off the wagon after the wedding (I lost close to 20 lbs and then put 10 back on... most of it at Christmas, and have dropped down another 5 or so), but I got back on it last week. Sparkpeople for food tracking and I'm starting the 100 Squat Challenge for the month of June. I'm getting back into weigh training as well as getting off the subway early and walking 2 miles home each night.

So, what do you do?

Re: How are you getting in shape/staying in shape?

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    i sweat a LOT at work... haha! people have been telling me lately that i look thinner, and I really think it is that + the copious amounts of water I've been drinking!

    I'm trying to stay away from eating sweets; as well as trying to eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.

    I run a few times a week (4 miles x 3 days), sometimes walk up steep hills like the one behind our house, and also paddle, surf, and swim!

    it helps to not be stuck behind a desk all day, and soo many people exercise outside here, it is really motivating! (FI is absolutely no help = we like to run together but he has been tired lately. i am doing better than he is!)
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    I've been doing a fitness bootcamp on and off since February. I've lost almost 20 pounds! Tried P90X this morning with FI...it was intense. I have also been running about 2.5-3 miles every other day for the past few weeks. Only one week left to work out hard!!
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    Holy moly I need to get on a regime.  I've been going to the gym about 3 times a week during since I ordered my dress back in Sept. but haven't changed my diet much.  I know that I haven't gained any weight (thank goodness) but I haven't loss any as well.  The last couple of weeks I've been trying really hard to hit the gym or at least do some sort of physical activity.  There's only 10 weeks to go!! Eeeeek!
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    Nothing like wearing a bathing suit in front of all of your family and friends to motivate you.  I do the Sonoma Diet - the only actual diet that I have ever been able to stick to and implement into my life on a regular basis.  I try to do the treadmill and weights 4 days or so  a week.
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    Oh you all are so good! 

    I know that I should limit my carbs/sweets, but I hear that little voice in my head that says "I'll start that tomorrow."  Lame. I know.

    I try to go to the gym at least 3x a week, for cardio & weights.  I've lost about 8lbs since I bought my dress, but I've definitely plateaued and haven't had the motivation to up the regime.  I would like to lose another 10 in the next few months.

    I decided yesterday to add a few classes to my regime after school.  I was supposed to go to step class today, but once again, "I'll start tomorrow." :(
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    Can I confess that I put on 3 lbs once I got to Hawai'i? I blame all that eating out (especially at Alan Wong's... that was the beginning of the end!)

    What's the Sonoma diet?
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    i've been going to gym anywhere between 3-5 times a week and lift fairly heavy weights (and contrary to belief of some women, i'm not bulky!) in addition to jump roping.

    i usually jump rope for 90 seconds, rest for 30, jump for 90, etc for 10-15 "cycles."

    i've also been trying to portion control. it's amazing to me how much EXTRA people eat! and i definitely treat myself to the occasion chocolate/candy/soda so i don't go crazy :)
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    The Sonoma Diet is basically a no sugar, natural grain diet.  The first 10 days you eliminate all sugars so you really have no alternative but to lose weight.  You can look it up online, I have the book.  I love the recipes.  It still allows me to cook awesome meals that don't taste like cardboard which is very important to me.  It does say to cut out wine the first 10 days as well, but there is only so much you can give up in life lol
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    ive been really active with running on the treadmill and paddling and couple of gym classes a week but i am horrible on my diet. Ive notice that while i haven't lost that many pounds, im getting toned and my clothes looks WAY better. I really need to work on cutting out sweets and getting more veges and fruits
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    I started doing Jillian Michaels workouts - loving them. I've definitey noticed my endurance level has gone up. Haven't really lost much yet, though. I think i need to start making changes in my diet for that.
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