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What was/is your biggest splurge for your wedding?

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    My dress! :)

    I didn't really want to spend as much as I did for my dress, but when I put it on I didn't want to leave the store without it...so I bought it. And I have absolutely NO regrets!
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    Our photobooth,,,we are on a pretty tight budget, but this is one thing that I decided that I wouldn't go without.

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    My photographer. It was worth every penny of the splurge.
    What I wish I splurged on -- videographer. Too bad none of the lower cost options were available when we were looking.
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    I would say our videographer- mainly because we didn't originally budget for one and decided to use him at the last minute.

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    My photog... It will be worth it though! I know he does great work!!
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    I don't know what our "biggest" splurge was, but we definitely splurged on photo and video.  And I DEFINITELY splurged on the dress.
  • abromanelloabromanello member
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    My flowers!  I had this dream of all this woodsy, organic stuff, and didn't want to skimp and not have centerpieces done by the florist, etc.  So that's by far what I'm spending most on - even though I know most brides wouldn't because they'll just die!  But I think they're going to create a magical atmosphere for the whole event!
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    I would say video! Now that we're 3 weeks away and have found out that his grandmother can't come, it makes me happy that she'll have way to see the whole thing (and with great music)! Trust me, whatever you choose, you won't be sorry! If you really really love it, go for it-it's your day!!! :)
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