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October 2012 Weddings


I'm sure this has been posted at one time or another but as we get closer to October, I find my mind is consumed with the small details! What are you ladies doing for your Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue? Anyone not incorporating the tradition?
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Re: Somethings!

  • Something old-Pearl necklace borrowed from my grandma
    Something new-I'm designating my headpiece as my something new, though the dress and shoes are also new
    Something borrowed-Veil borrowed from one of my friends/BM
    Something Blue-Still working on this one
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  • Something Old: Ring I recived from Grandma
    Something New: Veil, Dress
    Something Borrowed: Still working on this
    Something Blue: Polish for my Pedicure  :)
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  • Old: lace from my grandmother's wedding dress sewn onto the inside of mine New: my dress, veil, shoes Borrowed: nothing yet :(. Hoping for a piece of jewelry, but if nothing is offered I'll probably borrow some lipgloss or something lol. Blue: my panties, garter, and rhinestones on the soles of my shoes that say "I Do"
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  • Old & Blue: a handkerchief belonging to my great, great grandmother that I'll wrap around my bouquet
    Borrowed: my mother's pearl necklace. (I asked, which is apparently a faux pas)
    New: Underwear, earrings, dress, shoes.
  • I'm not doing these traditions. I mean, it will likely be that I will end up having one for each, but I'm not referring to them as my somethings.  I don't really care for the tradition.
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  • My something borrowed is a pearl necklace from my FMIL. Something old is a hair clip from her as well, but also I am cutting some fabric (that is a perfect match to my wedding colors)  from an old silk shirt that belonged to my FI's father who passed away in January and using it to make my garter and also as a wrap for my bouquet.  Something new is earrings. Something blue---not sure yet. If all else fails I will get blue underwear. LOL

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  • Old - My mom's veil wrapped around my bouquet stem
    New- My dress
    Borrowed - No clue yet. I already have all my accessories. Maybe a hankie?
    Blue - My "I Do" crystal decals that go on the bottom of my shoes. 
  • My Something New will be my dress, shoes, veil and I suppose most of my accessories. I saw a fun idea for a Something Blue on Pinterest where the bride had her wedding date sewed into the inside of her dress with blue thread. I'd like to do something similar but I haven't decided either way yet. As of now, I don't have a Something Old or Borrowed.
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    Old - My Mom's dress
    New - Jewelry, Hair Clip, Shoes
    Borrowed - I think I'm borrowing a brooch that was my one of my grandparents
    Blue - My Mom is supposed to be cross stitching me a tag to go inside my dress with mine and FI's names and our wedding date . . . I need to get her on that lol.
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  • OLD, I'm considering wearing a bracelet that FI gave me our first Christmas. We'd only been dating since November and he'd already bought me jewelry so...I think it would be fitting! NEW, my dress, veil, shoes, headpiece, necklace and earrings! BORROWED, my grandma's angel pin. I had asked my mom if she knew of anything left of grandma's I could use as my borrowed and she and my aunt produced it. It of course would pass for OLD as well! BLUE, I know my garter will be blue. The bracelet FI gave me is ice blue as well. Too bad I don't have a sixpence to carry in my shoe!

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  • In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/wedding-club-boards_october-2012-weddings_somethings-1?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Wedding%20Club%20BoardsForum:56b9bcef-1e34-456e-81f5-cfaa107456b2Discussion:d7f5c1f5-5e19-4279-ae0a-fd40cf18a798Post:0ff7b052-6e75-478b-a124-1bba4c21397a">Re: Somethings!</a>:
    [QUOTE]Old & Blue: a handkerchief belonging to my great, great grandmother that I'll wrap around my bouquet <strong>Borrowed: my mother's pearl necklace. (I asked, which is apparently a faux pas</strong>) New: Underwear, earrings, dress, shoes.
    Posted by lehc723[/QUOTE]
    I asked my grandmother about borrowing her pearls. I didn't know it was a faux pas. I'm giving them back so I don't see why it matters and if you don't ask about borrowing how do they know you still need that "something"
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    New, my dress and veil. Old, going to use the pendant from the first necklace FI gave me on my bouquet, but I don't know if 3 years really counts as old lol. Borrowed, hair pins from my mom. Blue, my shoes! Also, just my two cents, a friend wanted to do blue undies but her dress didn't have many layers and you could see them through her dress! She changed, of course. Just something to keep in mind!
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  • Old: not sure
    New- my dress, shoes, etc
    Borrowed- my sister's veil and maybe her headpiece
    Blue- i may in blue rhinestones put "I Do" or our initials on the bottom of my shoes if i go with white shoes, if i go with blue shoes, then blue...but also the garter i borrowed from my sister is blue
  • Old: hannky from my great grandma pinned to the inside of my dress.
    New: dress
    borrowed: the first ring my dad ever gave my mom (35 years ago)
    Blue: I'm going to paint small blue hearts on my fingers and toes.
  • Something old- my moms original engagement ring that my FI proposed to me with
    Something New- my dress
    Something borrowed- probably jewelry from my sisters cause I never wear any
    Something Blue- my FI bought me these amazing Royal Blue heels
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  • Old- A handkerchief that was my Great Aunt's (I am named after her) and my other Aunt carried it on her wedding day. 
    New- A pearl necklace that my grandmother is making for me.
    Borrowed- A pair of my Mother's pearl earrings, that I will wear in my cartilage.
    Blue- I added blue tulle to my crinoline, I also have "Chris' Mrs'" written on the back of a pair of boyshorts. 
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    Old - My grandmother's brooch pinned to my bouquet
    New - My jewelry
    Borrowed - No idea
    Blue - My shoes
  • Old: My mom is handmaking my garter with lace from the bouquet holder she used when she married my dad. New: Dress, natch. Borrowed: Not sure, but I think I'll most likely end up getting an earring from my mom or my sister to put in my cartilige piercing. Blue: Garter, undies. And since my family is mostly English, I will be doing the 'coin in the shoe' thing. Of my somethings, this is actually the one I'm most excited about. It's a twenty pence piece from the year FI was born, that my sister picked up for me when she went to London. Now I just have to figure out the best way to make it stick because my wedding shoes are sandals. Hmm...
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  • Old:  Great-grandmother's hanky is wrapping my bouquet
    New:  Dress, Shoes, Veil, Hair Comb, Bracelet
    Borrowed:  Nothing yet : /
    Blue:  Great-grandmother's sapphire ring.  It doesn't fit me (too big), so I'm going to pit it to my bouquet

    I really don't think it's against etiquette to ask someone to borrow something, and I'm a pretty by the book etiquette person LOL!
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  • new- dress, shoes, headpiece
    old / borrowed - pearl necklace from my mom, and probably jewelry from my grandmother as well (she offered to let me pick something but we havent done that yet). 
    blue - 'I DO' on the bottom of my shoes. Also, getting FI the 'ME TOO' stickers for the bottom of his shoes. so we can do a photo of the bottom of both our shoes. 
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  • Something Old/Borrowed- my grandma's pearl necklace. (Means a lot to me to wear it since she won't be there)

    Something New- Dress, headpiece, veil, earrings.

    Something Blue- Sapphire ring fiance got me the first Christmas we were together. Also, I'm considering blue shoes. You guys have got me loving the idea of blue panties also!

  • My old, borrowed, and blue are all taken care of by the garter my Mom wore at her wedding that I'll be wearing. But I'm also wearing a bracelet my FI gave me this past christmas and blue undies. My 'new' is just about everything else :P
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  • Something Old: My E-ring, diamond necklace, and diamond earrings that my FI gave me.
    Something New: Shoes
    Something Borrowed: a bracelet from my best friend/MOH
    Something Blue: Blue rhinestones that spell out I DO to put under my shoes, found them on Etsy and purchased them a couple months ago.
  • Old - my neighbour who has lived across the street from us since I was 9 (and has no kids or nieces to pass anything down to) is lending me the garter she wore on her wedding day 35 years ago - MUST be good luck!
    New - me veil, headpiece, shoes, jewlery, dress
    Borrowed - a piece of my grandmother's jewlery is being wrapped throughout my bouquet and down the stem so I can hold onto it
    Blue - I am buying a new bellybutton ring that has blue stones in it
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  • I haven't even worked on it, and because of this, I'm not going to stress about it. I will choose all of my accessories and I think I will end up having all of them but the something blue anyways which I could always incorporate into underwear if I decide I want to do it! :)

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