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First off, Squee!

Secondly, I am not sure if anyone has advised this, but I forgot about it and don't want you to forget.

Make sure that you give your digital camera (fully charged) to someone NOT in the wedding party or family that can take pictures for you....these will probably be the first pictures you and your new husband will get to, all us here will want to check them out too. 

Sorry if you've heard it before, but I am still mad that I didn't do it.
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Re: **Meg**

  • That is a great suggestion!  I will have to put that down somewhere and hope that I remember...
  • Thanks! I will try to remember this with my own camera, if I don't, I know I've got a decent back-up.

    One of my very good friends is a total camera-wh0re. Everything little thing she goes to, she always takes 5 million pics of every single moment (I still have not figured out what kind of memory card she has to pull this off, but she always does) ... we actually keep joking that she's going to have my whole wedding posted on FB before I check out of the bridal suite the day after, lol.

    And I greatly appreciate the Squees! I've seriously been jumping up and down all day today ... and it's just the night before the RD (Yeah, we were nice and let everybody have NYE to themselves, hahaha).

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    Great idea!  I didn't think to do that, but my friends had pics all over FB the next day anyway.  I was totally FBing from my phone in the airport on the way to the HM. 

    Just take a deep breath and try to enjoy every second of it.  It all goes by so fast!
  • I tried that and she "had such a good time I forgot to take pictures"

    thank goodness for pro-pics tomorrow
  • None of my friends posted pics on facebook right away. I didn't even leave for my honeymoon until 4 days after the wedding and no one had. Our honeymoon had no internet access either.
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