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XP: Is it too soon to ask my friends to be BM's?

Here is the story, I would like to ask my best friend, future sister in law, and close friend to be my bridesmaid's. My wedding is not until Sept, 2013 so I know that I have a long time.

The reason I think it may be good to ask now is that my close friend will likely be moving to another country in September of this year. If she accepts my offer I would like to be able to do some general dress shopping before she leaves. That way all she would have to do as a BM would be show up on my wedding day.

The other two ladies are my best friend from college who I would ask to be my maid of honor, and my fiance's sister (I was a BM in her wedding). I don't foresee my relationship with either of these ladies changing.

Looking for your honest feedback. Thank you!
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Re: XP: Is it too soon to ask my friends to be BM's?

  • I don't even need to read the post, but yes, it is too early if your date is 9/13


  • If your wedding isn't until September of 2013, it is way too early to ask these girls to be bridesmaids.  I understand that you don't forsee your relationships changing, but you never know what can happen, and your wedding is well over a year away.
  • I agree with the PPs, wait until much closer, like 6 months.  You might want to give your friend more time if she has moved out of the country, but if she doesn't then don't worry about it.  It's good that you're trying to be sensitive to everyone's needs, but things happen in life and you don't want drama because you're "stuck" with someone in your WP that you don't want to be there!  I asked too early, and now I'm really regretting it.
  • wait.

    Your friend can shop online; or maybe she'll come back for Christmas and you can ask and do some brief shopping then. 
  • Thank you all. You've convinced me. I will wait until we are about a year out.
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  • I knew who I wanted in my WP soon after I was engaged, but we were having a 20 month engagement... I waited until about 9-10 months away from the wedding to ask.
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  • I'm glad you decided to wait. Friendships and relationships can change so much within a year, and even though it's hard to believe, the girls you are close with right now might not necessarily be girls you still want in your wedding 6 months or a year from now.
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