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Guestbook attendant?

Is this a real thing? My friend (getting married this weekend) just called me freaking out because she forgot to get one? WTH? Why do you need one? Sounds like a crap job.
She laughed when I said this, and decided a sign would work! haha
Am I missing something?
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Re: Guestbook attendant?

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    I've seen them before.  I'm gonna have one of my young cousins who is to old to be a flowergirl and too young to be a bridesmaid or reader do it.  Make sure that none of my uncles or any of Jon's friends write anything inappropriate. ;)
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  • I don't see the need for them.  I'd hope that people could figure out how to sign a book by themselves.  Plus, I feel like it would be a crap job for someone to have (no offense).  You just stand there and instruct people how to sign a book or supervise the book to make sure no tomfoolery is going on?  I'd rather enjoy the wedding.
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  • I'm having one.  It gives the guests someone to greet them.  I also have a younger program attendant so I gotta have someone to make sure she doesn't forget her job lol.
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  • I could see a young teenager maybe enjoyiing this. Maureen, I approve. LMAO!
    My friend was gonna call one of her old roomates and ask she do it. I was like, nahhhhh......
    I wouldnt think she would enjoy that? I would never wanna do it. But then again, I had never heard of it. Maybe what she told me sounds worse than the norm! haha

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  • Every wedding I've been to that has had one had one of the kind of in-between aged children in the family do it.  It gives them a "job," but they aren't quite old enough to know is the BS job that you give as busy-work. 

    We're not having one.  I'm not even sure what we're doing FOR a "guestbook" at this point.  Whatever it is, though, I have faith that I can label it clearly enough for others to figure it out.  My children have all made it clear that they are not stupid enough to fall for the "honour" of doing it, haha, and I'm not worrying about handing it out to anyone else.

  • I kinda hope we get some tomfoolery in our book.
    Thats why i am taking my $30 picture book instead of the tree stamp thing. I am supervising that myself at the RD.
    I will be guest tree fingerprint NATZI!

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  • We're having one.  Its one of my friends/DIL of my coordinator.  so they will both be out in the lobby greeting and directing.
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  • Yeah, I have one, and I'm calling her the "Greeter" in the program.

    But, I also have one of the Poloriod instant photo guestbooks, so I need someone there, to take the instant photos!  :-)
  • This is what my sister wants to do.  I asked her what she wanted to do and this was it.  I think that it is because she wants to be able to move around and do other things, maybe?  Who knows but, whatever. :)
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  • FI's cousin had one at her wedding, just a nice way to give her younger cousin who wasn't in the wedding something to do.  He took his job so seriously, he would go after people if they walked away and didn't sign it! 

    He was also in charge of the gift table which was attached, so he would put the cards in the cardbox and stuff.  He's 11 and thought it was the greatest job! 

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  • Lol, it is really something a sign can do.

    But I'm having trouble thinking of what to put on my sign...
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  • I have been a guest book attendant multiple times.  Usually there are several girls who are called "House Party" and they do things like greet, make sure people sign the guest book, pass out programs, help transport anything from the ceremony to the reception that needs to get there, and then even helps the parents of bride/groom get everything gathered up in the end.

    I don't particularly enjoy it, because you do more work than anyone else, but don't really get any recognition aside from maybe a corsage and if they have programs, your name there.

    But, I get why people have them, because those things DO need to get done somehow?
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  • In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/wedding-club-boards_october-2010-weddings_guestbook-attendant?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Wedding%20Club%20BoardsForum:595Discussion:996b6e32-0493-4574-b50b-a26d37defaabPost:2a95d0ac-667d-44d6-a233-09e7a0c2597d">Re: Guestbook attendant?</a>:
    [QUOTE]Lol, it is really something a sign can do. But I'm having trouble thinking of what to put on my sign...
    Posted by msmerymac[/QUOTE]

    I guess "sign it, bitches," would be a bit much? ;)

    Oh, did you know you were quoted in the newest issue of The Knot, out on newstands?  I picked up a copy and you had a little quote in the very back.  I don't have it in front of me right now, but wanted to mention that if I replied to you at any point.
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    Oh, and my Greeter is getting the same type of "corsage" as my Usherette... a ring corsage!  These things are seriously my favorite thing in the wedding so far.  LMAO  They're just too cute. I want one!

  • We are having my cousin (11 years old) do it.  She wanted to be in the wedding but is an awkward age.  SHe is also handing out programs...our guest book is gonna be a quilt so it needs a 'lil' explain why there are fabric squares...

    but yes its a crap job
  • We're not having one.  My DOC will be around the guestbook/gift table but won't be at the table asking people to sign (she will probably get pulled doing other things!).

    Like I wrote on the spin-off post, I'm pretty sure people know what to do when they walk in an see the book staring them in the face, no?
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  • I'm having my Fi's sister do it, we wanted to include her in some way and this was the best way, but I also have a metal signature mat, so it's like shiny metal.....so people probably won't know what to do.  It came with a mat, but we're from the back woods and people just aren't that smart around here.....
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  • We're just having a sign. I think its ridic to have someone begging people to sign your guest book. Its such a crap job. Your guests are there to have fun. I'm sure people will see and sign the book if its placed in a place where everyoen will see it.. like near the escort cards.

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  • Ditto what Tara said. I had the exact same thoughts as Crystal when I was about to open this post..
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  • In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/wedding-club-boards_october-2010-weddings_guestbook-attendant?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Wedding Club BoardsForum:595Discussion:996b6e32-0493-4574-b50b-a26d37defaabPost:fc7442e5-b90f-4889-8703-62dcf23b42db">Re: Guestbook attendant?</a>:
    [QUOTE]I don't see the need for them.  I'd hope that people could figure out how to sign a book by themselves.  Plus, I feel like it would be a crap job for someone to have (no offense).  You just stand there and instruct people how to sign a book or supervise the book to make sure no tomfoolery is going on?  I'd rather enjoy the wedding.
    Posted by xoxpipahxox[/QUOTE]

    Agreed. I think people can figure it out. If someone writes something that I think is inappropriate or not funny-which wouldn't be much- I'll just white it out or cross it out somehow. I don't want anyone to have to stand by the table while everyone else is in the party enjoying themselves.

    Pipe down, you had your chance!

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