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Can't get sick...

No no no! This is such a bad time for me to be getting sick. I know I'm pushing my body too hard, and with the weather changes lately, I'm not surprised my throat hurts. But I CAN'T get sick right now! Not with how much I still have to do before next week. :P

Re: Can't get sick...

  • ugh!
    I have been sniffling and have a little scratchy throat as well... I totally agree, this is not a good timing situation (although i have to rembmer, i have 24 days until I DO so i guess  if it is going to happen, now is the time)Laughing
    Hope you heal quickly!
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  • Me too. I've decided to take tomorrow off from work in an attempt to take it easy on my body. Hopefully that will help. :)
  • Take lots of vitamin C!!!!   Get you some airborne or vitamin C packets.  IT will help your body fight infections.
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  • Drink lots of water, take some vitamins and as PP said Vitamin C. I just got over being sick! Don't let it go on too long though (the sore throat) if you need other meds make sure to get it so your not hacking during the wedding/honeymoon.
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  • In Response to Re: Can't get sick...:
    [QUOTE]although i have to rembmer, i have 24 days until I DO so i guess  if it is going to happen, now is the time
    Posted by erathm[/QUOTE]

    I'm sick tooo :(  but def agree with erathm!! i better not be sick for the big day if i'm sick now!! plus i went to work today and hoped my boss would send me home, but instead i had to work 2+ extra hours.

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  • I haven't gotten sick yet but I started taking Vitamin C a couple of days ago...hoping maybe that will prevent me from getting sick!! I hope so because I would hate to be sick on my wedding day AND during the honeymoon!
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  • I just got over being sick so Im hoping I'll be good for the wedding...Maybe I'll start taking some Vitamin C too...thats a great idea!
  • Ugh, I came down with the mess a few days ago and am still fighting it off. Ka pow!

    Vitamins, lots of water, and Theraflu Warming Relief Cold&Chest Congestion syrup.  Oh, and sleep.  I know none of us have time for that "sleep" nonsense, but I accidentally slept a full 9 hours yesterday and feel exponentially better today.

    ... Except my house is still a mess and thank you notes didn't get sent...
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