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Throat Punch Thursday!!

I would like to THROAT PUNCH my dear moher's side of the family. Yes, EVERY.SINGLE.ONE of them!!  All three of my Aunts, my Uncle, and numerous cousins. All on my mom's side.

Yesterday, my brother, sister, dad, Brian and I went to the cemetary to see my mom.  (This was my first time there since she was buried).  There were NO flowers on her gravesite at all!  It was plain. NOTHING THERE.  Just the groundstone.  WTF? 

It made me very sad and extremely upset.  My mom's side of the family all live here in Hawaii and it would only take them no more than 15 minutes to get to the cemetary.  My mom's own brother and sisters can't even take the time to put flowers there???  And whats worse is that my mother is buried in a plot with my grandmother which is right next to my grandfather.  (Her parents) So, WTF????

If I lived here in Hawaii, I'd be sure to bring flowers if it were any of my Aunts or Uncles because we were a very close family growing up!!  Stupid jerks!!

VENT / RANT over.  :)



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Re: Throat Punch Thursday!!

  • Jessy, that's terrible! I too have a huge soft spot for the bully breeds. My pitbull was a rescue from the pound. They wouldn't let me take him home until I had written ok from my landlord. And what's more with shelters is every dog deserves a little human interaction. Would it be that impossible for them to let you visit with her just not allow you to adopt until the landlord oked? Poor little girl. :( I hope you can pull her out quickly. I'm sending my T&P to you and the pit bull.

    Shelly, I'm sorry to hear about your mom's grave site. I hope you can do what you can while you're there to show your mother she is still loved.
    Harper Grace 8.31.12
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  • Shelli I"m so sorry to hear that your mom's family hasn't been taking care of your mom's and grandparents grave site.  That is truly sad.  Some people are self centered and just can't see past their own lives.  I'm glad your surrounded by your family and know you'll find a way to make their grave site look special while you are there.

    Jessy i'm sorry to hear about the dog.  Every dog deserves love and human interaction. 
  • I'd like to TP every moron I've come into contact with over the past week..... and there are a LOT of them.  WAY too many to list!

    Another TP for my stubborn half-sister who has the "my way or the highway" attitude and is effing up Christmas for my dad's side of the family because she's so stubborn.  It's bad enough that we just lost my grandma 2 weeks ago. I don't need my sister being an uberbiotch on top of it.

    Shelli, sorry your mom's grave was naked.  I know you fixed it, though!  You're such a great person and I know your mom is smiling because you went to see her.  *HUG*
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