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New York-Long Island

Picking a Venue

I have already been to 18 venues on Long Island with a few more this weekend!!! My reasons for visiting so many are:

1. If I'm going to be spending SO much money on a 5 hour party, then I want to make sure I LOVE my space, the food, and the price.
2. I want to know my options.
3. I want to see what the different price ranges offer.

I've narrowed it down to about 6 venues. I am so conflicted on how to choose!!!!

Re: Picking a Venue

  • Ummm, pick the place that you and your fiance like the best that you can also afford?

    I'm not really understanding what the conflict is. 

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  • Really? I find it difficult.

    All the venues I like are within our budget, some cheaper than others but all within our price range. They all have pro's and cons. Some have great grounds and views and not so great insides, some have great insides but not so great (if any) grounds.

    So I have 6 venues I love and am trying to narrow it down.

    I sure other brides have felt the same way.
  • When me and FH went to look at venues we felt the most important thing was to find a venue that is within our budget. From there we had to consider a place that would be convenient for ourselves and our guests. Since we have guests from all over NY and NJ we needed to find a place in the middle. Food and setup of the catering hall is something that is based on someone's preference. Since we are getting married at the hall, we were picky on where to get married since we wanted a nice outdoor area. Hope this helps! Good luck!
  • Honestly, it sounds to me like you looked at waaaaay too many venues.  Too many options can be just as bad as too few, KWIM?  We picked the second venue we looked at - it had everything we needed, the room was pretty, and it was in our budget and could fit the number of guests we expect to have.  Since it met all of our requirements, we just didn't see the point in looking any further.
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  • Telling her she has looked at too many venues doesn't help her.  It's too late for her to find one she likes and book it- so now she has to look toward the future.  

    I'm glad you've narrowed it down to 6 venues.  I'm assuming all of them are still available on the date you are interested in?  Are you having the ceremony there?  Are the outdoor premises that important to you- for pictures and other things?  That was one of the major things I was looking into when I booked my place- I wanted to have my ceremony on the premises and I wanted it to be outdoors, so the grounds had to be beautiful.  I think that any catering hall will be beautiful once you have decorated it the way you want, with the flowers, linens, lighting, etc., but the outdoors won't change too much.  

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  • I visited 6 venues and narrowed it down to 2. I visited the two finalists again, and brought my parents along. Having their opinion thrown in really helped me make my decision. Maybe bring someone with you with a fresh perspective. They see things that you might have overlooked. Good luck!
  • I don't think that she looked at too many places.  I personally find it a lot of fun to look at the different halls.

    If you have it down to 6, you need to consider the time of year that you are getting married.  If you want outdoor shots (because it will be nice outside) then it's possibly that you really enjoy 3 of the halls outdoor areas much better.

    Also, my biggest factors when looking at places is does it have a hotel in it, or a hotel nearby with a shuttle?  I dont know if this is an issue for you, but I have a decent amount of out of town guests coming (and my bridal party and hubby to be) want to stay in a hotel.  Instead of having to pay for the limos to stay the entire 5 hr party (or to come back) to bring us to a hotel - and have our out of town guests get in their cars to drive to the hotel - I will only look at places with hotel accomodations.

    I actually ended up looking at 25 venues and wouldn't you know it, I booked a venue I saw on my first day of venue shopping! :)

    The church is booked and the venue is booked. I am not taking a well deserved break. I am so RELIEVED to have this behind me.
  • glad to hear you found your venue!

    I thought it would be harder than it was for me to find a place. We looked at a few places, and they all had pros and cons, then we found Coindre Hall and we couldn't think of any cons. It was everything we wanted and for the right price! We booked it on the spot!

    Congratulations on finding your place!
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