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1st Dance Dilemma

Some of you may know that for our reception music, we want to evoke a feeling of time travel as guests begin by listening to 19th century music and go through the decades to the present. The problem I've run into is picking a song for us to do our first dance to. Should we A) find a really REALLY old song to dance to (like from the 20s), B) interject one of "our songs" from today and go back to the old music, or C)  use an operatic song like something from Josh Groban, Charlotte Church, or Phantom of the Opera?

I don't want to throw off the flow or have people wonder what the heck is going on, but I don't want us to be stuck doing the Charleston or something cheesy. Which idea do you girls like best? I really don't want to have leave my old timey music behind and would only do it as a last resort.

Re: 1st Dance Dilemma

  • kelleyku05kelleyku05 member
    edited September 2010
    Maybe find a cover of an older song that you like done by a current artist to incorporate the 2?  I can't think of any examples off hand and I'm not sure if you could find anything from the 20's, but I know there is a lot from the 40's-60's out there.  But in the end I'd say find a song that means something to the 2 of you, not something you force into fitting with the theme.  I do like the idea of the songs moving through the decades though, so fun!
  • I voted "B" -- I t think you should pick the song that means the most to the two of you, regardless of era.

    The wedding is one night, but "your song" is forever...
  • I don't think Matt and I have a song per say but I would definitely say that our 'album' is Blackwater Park by Opeth. They are a Swedish metal band. So not exactly wedding appropriate! We are doing strictly 1930s-1940s except the ceremony where we will have a Phantom of the Opera song and classical. I really wanted Frank Sinatra so I just listened until I found the lyrics that were most meaningful to us which ended up being "Our Love is Here to Stay". I used to dance professionally though so a foxtrot was important to me. I don't think an operatic song is easy to dance to and I don't think that picking a dance that doesn't fit in with the music timeline will be a big deal. The first dance is usually the first song so you can start after that.
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