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When to start looking for an Officiant

My FI and I are getting married at our reception hall and we need someone to marry us. Neither one of us are religious I am agnostic and he is atheist so we just want a judge to do it but I don't know when I should start looking.

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Re: When to start looking for an Officiant

  • It really depends on your area. I'd call your county court house and get a list of judges and JOP's and start calling around to see how their schedules fill up. It doesn't hurt to meet a few before making a final decision either.
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  • I think it would depend on your area.  I would start calling around to get ideas about availability and prices.  If you start looking earlier, you will have time to meet with some before actually making your decision.  

    Depending on the laws in your state and your personal preference, you could also consider having a friend or family member get ordained online to marry you.
  • That was one of the first things FI and I did after setting the date and location with our venue.  I wanted to make sure I got who I wanted and IMO it doesn't hurt to do things early :)

  • I would definitely call your local clerk's office and get a list of judges in the area that perform marriage ceremonies outside the courthouse right away. It can take awhile to find a judge that is willing to perform the sort of ceremony that you want, that is available for your date, and in your price range.

    Also keep in mind that other legal officials can often perform marriages-county clerks, mayors, etc.
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