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backyard ceremony with tables?

Ok, so I have an idea to fix my dilemma with limited space for our backyard wedding, I'm just really nervous about how it could end up looking. We plan on having a smaller intimate wedding with a vintage, shabby chic feel and are only inviting 100 people max. Due to limited space and budget(3,000 for EVERYthing) I was thinking of setting up long tables in rows with an aisle down the middle (like in a regular ceremony) and with chairs set up all facing the 'altar' and then for the reception just turning the chairs around. Has anybody been to or had a wedding with this kind of set up? Was it enjoyable, or distracting? I'm really anxious to see what it would look like. Do any of ya'll have any links to pictures of a wedding with a similiar set up? Thanks fellow future brides! :)

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Re: backyard ceremony with tables?

  • I went to a wedding where the ceremony was supposed to be outside, but it was raining so it ended up being inside where the receptiion was going to take place. The tables were round so that made things more difficult. Long tables would be better.I also suggest that the long tables be paralell to the aisle, so that everyone only has to turn their chair 90 degrees from facing the ceremony to facing the table.

    I would suggest having an aisle runner or some way to designate the aisle so people know what's happening. The other difficulty that I found at this wedding was that people had to find their place number and take a seat beforehand. This made it longer to sit down and was slightly more chaotic.

    I understand that you have to do what you have to do when on a budget. I think this will be especially effective/natural/not distracting if you have a shorter ceremony, and then move directly to the reception without you two leaving for pictures after the ceremony.

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