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New to this Board (:

Hey all!

I'm new to this board (have posted on NEY since July-ish) and wanted to introduce myself!  My fiance (so weird to say that!) and I got engaged two days ago in Central Park.  We're originally from King of Prussia, PA, but are finishing school in Georgia right now.  We are both 24 years old.  Oh, and his name is Chris!

We've been together for 5 years and are very excited!  We plan to be wed in August 2012 so we can save some money (and so I can graduate finally).  We want to marry in either Cape May, NJ or the Virgin Islands- both are ideas we have been tossing around and have plenty of time to think about.

Anyway I just wanted to say hello!  I look forward to planning my wedding with you!!


Re: New to this Board (:

  • Hi and welcome!  These ladies are super helpful and great for bouncing ideas!  I am not here much, but I have a good amount of info in my bio if you need it.

    Oh and Congrats on the engagement!
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  • Hi!

    I haven't been around lately, but I pop in and out occaisonally.  Congrats on your engagement! I'm getting married in Puerto Rico, so I'm not much help with advice for your potential locations. 

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  • Hi Jacqui, welcome to the board. We have wonderful girls here that will help with any questions you might have. I'm getting married in Puntaa Cana, DR in just about six months yaayyyy! I'm from Allentown PA not far from Kibg of Prussia.  Congrats and Happy Planning!

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  • Welcome, and Congrats!!  It is very exciting to be newly engaged! 

    We are getting married in Jamaica.  There are so many choices...but for right now enjoy just being engaged!

    Happy Plannning!
  • Welcome to the board and congrats on your engagement! There is tons of helpful info on this board so definitely stick around! Both places your are considering sound great, happy planning.
  • Thanks for the congrats and warm welcome ladies!!  I've been lurking since my first post and it seems like there is A LOT of information on this site... you all seem like such good sources of information and friendship.  I can't wait to get to know everyone!

    Orchid- Nice to have a local around!  I was actually born in Allentown so I'm fairly familiar with the area.  We loved the idea of PuntaCana, but many people on my side of the family don't have passports and with the price of them going up I know they won't buy them.  Your wedding will be gorgeous though- pictures have shown that PC is truly beautiful!
  • Just wanted to say hi and welcome!  Congrats!  Look forward to hear all about your planning process!  :)  I'm getting married in FL 11/11/11.
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