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Re: My faith vs everyone else

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    Hi, we have had this experience with FI's family. They are asking us the same thing and my response is always that I understand their feelings and that I truly believe that the church is in us, and it doesn't matter the building that you marry in. I know some people have their opinions but I do believe that the church is in us, and not a building that holds us. The Bible says we are the church, no? Keep your spirits up and I think that people will be proven wrong when they see your ceremony. My ceremony is faith-based, we'll be taking communion, and we're even going to sing a hymn..... not in a church..... : )
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    Hi Goldstarfire, Not quite going through this but I'll try to offer some advice! I'm in a somewhat similar situation, in that I'd love to have the ceremony at a church, because I'm Christian and because I love the look of the sanctuary, but my wedding is in the winter and I want to minimise travelling. But my family is fine with this and understand that the church is only a building. 

    As Christians, the spirit of God is with us everywhere, and he won't be absent if we're in a building that wasn't specifically built for Him. Anyway, a lot of "churches" these days don't have a permanent building and members congregate in school gyms and other members' homes! (It's rather expensive to build a church and I think God prefers that we'd put that money towards the needy!) I digress...

    Would it help "compromise" if you have an altar set up? My cousin's carved a beautiful wooden cross and we'll have that on a table, plus some candles (unity & memorial) behind us. My aunt is a minister and performing the ceremony. Are you going to sing any hymns or worship songs? 

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    "Here we stand from two distant lands, brought together by His hand" <3 my Aussie <BR>
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    Maybe you could respond by respectfully asking why they feel that the ceremony should be in a church.  You can prepare for the conversation with well thought out responses to their answers. 

    For example, their response - because it is a religious ceremony and should be held in the presence of God in His house.  Your answer - I understand that many people go to church to worship God, but many people worship Him daily in their homes and even most Easter sunrise services are held outside which shows us that God's presence will be felt whereever we are as long as we invite Him to be present with us.

    We got married in a chapel, but it was not our home church.  I would have been okay getting married outside if the weather would have been predictable.  As pps said, it is not really where you get married as much as your spirit during the ceremony and your willingness to honor God during the ceremony as you do in your day-to-day life.
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    Oh I really appreciated everyones post!! They are very sweet and I will definately use the advice! We are going to have our strings players play a few different hymns. My favorite, come thy fount of every blessing. I did ask my family what their feelings were regarding the ceremony. I told them that we will have our Pastor marry us and will have an outdoor ceremony but that we really wanted to know how they felt. My parents were surprisingly ok just saying that is not what they would do but its ok. FI's had a similar response.

    I just wanted to tell them salvation comes only through Jesus.

    I like the advice though. That, "it is not really where you get married as much as your spirit during the ceremony and your willingness to honor God during the ceremony as you do in your day-to-day life." This is the truth!! I pray that this may come out during our ceremony, that our lives are committed and given to our precious Savior.

    Thank you ladies, May the Joy of our Savior fill you on this day!!
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