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January 2010 Weddings

I desperatly need to vent....this is really bothering me!

Okay ladies...I am looking at everyones pro pics and seeing how beautiful they are....well I dont actually know when I will be getting mine back, we have had so many issues with our photog! And I have been realizing that my photog wasnt even around much to take pictures of DH and I!!! I'm so afraid to see what pictures we have.....for example, our photog didnt take ANY of those close up pictures like with girls and their bouquet, or the hands with the rings...etc. Like thats not even me just being over dramatic...its true, the photog did not take ANY up close pics of us, and when we were taking the formals, there were NONE of just DH and I, it was all family pictures. Obviously at the time these things werent on my mind in the midst of the wedding day or I would have said something, plus I trusted my photog to do what he is supposed to be doing as a professional. But I keep thinking about it....and keep getting upset because I know that we arent going to have many pictures of just us. How do I handle this?! I havnt talked to DH about my concerns yet because he knows how much I wanted to just fire our photog....but it was just too late. Sorry for the vent....I just really really needed to get it out =(

Re: I desperatly need to vent....this is really bothering me!

  • Yikes.  Did you photog tell you when your proofs would be ready?  Did you meet with him/her before the wedding and discuss what kind of pictures you wanted?

    I'm not really sure there's anything you can do, unfortunately.   Just wait and see what you get when they're ready.
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  • don't worry. if that ends up being the case, just relax. you can always consider doing it all over again. i read an article about a woman that hired a photog for their 1st wedding anniversary, left a tux and a note at the house for her husband to put on with instructions to show up at a hotel room and she had her hair and makeup done all over again and put her dress on. they had champagne and did pictures all over again and had a great time. it's something to consider. but i would wait to see your pictures first, you never know what the photog got that you didn't realize. we didn't get any of the close ups of our hands with our rings on or many of just me. i puller her aside to do a few bridals, but they were done super quickly and i'm not loveloving them, but they work. chances are, you'll love your pictures so much more and it's just the anxiety that is getting to you.
  • So sorry you are going through this. I also feel like my photographer  missed some important pictures out. But on my side is the contrary, he took too many pics of me and DH...and I wanted more pics of BP having fun since we are having a Trash the dress session. Also he didn't take any pics of us in the reception...it had a lovely view and I don't know why I didn't remember. I guess we were too busy with everything going on. You know what? We can't do anything about it anymore...but maybe you can save a little $$ and have a Mr. & Mrs. session. They aren't too pricey and you'll have another chance to wear your dress again and have fun. GL and try not to think about it too much, I think you should talk to DH about it...and have some support from his side. GL
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