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Inexpensive photogrpahy

Hi! I have been looking at photographers in the area and want to know if anyone knows of an inexpensive photographers in the pittsburgh, erie or meadville area. Preferably erie or meadville. I am also open to using a new photographer with not as much experience and would be willing to give them a shot after seeing some work. If anyone has gone the same route let me know :) thanks!

Re: Inexpensive photogrpahy

  • Decent photographers in the Pittsburgh area that are often recommended on this board start around 1200 and probably get cheaper as you go out to the outlying areas. What is your budget? Just keep in mind that at the end of the day, the pictures are all that's left. I'm not saying you have to spend thousands, but I would urge you to go with someone with some experience. We splurged on photography and hired Randi Voss. She is phenomenal and I cannot say enough good things about her.

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    Everyone is welcome.
  • What does inexpensive = to you?
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  • Inexpensive is very vague.. We are spending 2300 and get everything I wanted an e-pic session and prints, unlimted hours day of wedding 3 wedding albums plus a whole bunch or prints and rights to both sets of pictures.
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  • Hmmm...I thought I replied to this from my phone...

    Anyway, any photographer that we would likely suggest is prob going to start around $1200 and may go down in outlying areas. What is your budget? I would strongly urge you to choose someone who has at least some wedding experience. Shooting a wedding isn't just showing up with fancy photography equipment and messing around. There's a lot of work that goes into it beyond what you see. I'm not saying you have to spend thousands, but remember that when the day is over the only physical things left are the pictures, your rings, and a piece of paper saying you're married.

    FWIW, we chose Randi Voss. She is not what I would consider inexpensive, but she's worth it. She has a lot of wedding experience and it shows. 

    TTC #1 since 10/2012. BFP 11/28/12, EDD 8/10/13. MMC found 1/11/13, measured 5w6d
    Everyone is welcome.
  • Gene from Photorise is absolutely amazing and he will work with your budget whatever it may be.
  • I have two suggestions.

    The first is weddingbugphotography.com. I found them to be very inexpensive. If you go on their website you can fill out a quick form where you tell them everything you would like from them...then they'll tell you exactly how much it will cost and what your deposit will be. They're also really sweet and helpful!

    I also know of another photographer who does nice work. She does photgraphy on the side but her pictures are very professional looking. Her website is: www.ginnybeckphoto.com. However, her facebook page has more wedding pictures and might be a better way to contact her too. Here is the link to her facebook page:

    Best of luck!!
  • I know what you mean about expensive - I managed to find someone who took pictures at our high school renion, he is only charging me $350 then I get the cd and can make as many prints as I want from that.  This is my second marriage and after spendinig alot of money on the first one - and hardly ever looking at the photo album I think this is really an area that money can be saved on.  Maybe try looking on craigslist or something for your specific area - sorry to say my guy won't go that far out.
  • I recommend looking on Craigslist. My friend found her photographer on there. I would recommend our photographer because she is absolutely amazing but ever since we booked her she raised her prices.
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  • I'd recommend Pictures by Shalyn. She is very reasonably priced and does good work. We just had our engagement session this past weekend and she was really sweet and professional. We had some photos back within just a few hours and the rest were edited by the following day. While I know that most people budget a few thousand dollars for pictures, we just weren't in the position to be able to do that but so far I am happy with the choice we made. Her website is http://www.picturesbyshalyn.com. The picture below has been a favorite of most of our family just to give you an idea of her work!

  • Check out Limelight-Images..super friendly, great communication, and prices!
  •  My sister-in-law is getting married in Erie next June & I helped her find a photographer in that area for her wedding.  Here were some of the photographers I had found for her to take a closer look at:

    Ultimately she ended up choosing Jaime Gard b/c she had the documentary style that she wanted.  I did notice while I was looking for her that the photographers in the Erie area were generally less expansive than here in Pittsburgh. Also, I'm assuming that you're getting married in the Erie/Meadville area so another thing  to consider if you choose a Pittsburgh-based photographer is that they may charge a travel fee.

    I hope this helpsSmile


  • I second Limelight Images! We booked them and they have been amazing so far. Can't wait until our big day to see their awesome pics!
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  • I hope I'm not too intrusive. I am an armature photographer with some wedding experience and pride myself on customizing packages based on my clients budget, needs and desires. Please feel free to contact me for more info at ambermariie_photographyyahoo.comyou can also look at some of my work at Facebook.com/AmberMariiePhotography or AmberMariiePhotography.com Thanks!
  • My fiance and I booked Wedding Bug Photography last month.  They answered all of our questions and I felt assured that we'll get great pics on our wedding day!  The price varies on how many hours.  We are going with the 8 hour package.  They edit each image.  For an additional $60, they photo-shop and do special effects (like BW photo with my bouquet in color) on 30 pictures.  You get all copyrights and burnable DVD.  For 8 hours and the extras we bought, plus taxes, our bill will come to $1,000.  I believe 6 hours coverage is only $6 or $700.  My sister also booked them for her October wedding.  I can let you know how her wedding pics turn out!  :) 

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