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October 2011 Weddings

Wedding Insurance

Hi all. A few people have suggested wedding insurance to me, and I'm just curious to see if anyone has used it, plans to use it, or would recommend we not use it. Any thoughts?

Re: Wedding Insurance

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    FI looked into this. Generally there are two types of insurance. One type will cover you in case your wedding has to be cancelled for health reasons, severe weather issue or because of a change in military leaves. It helps protect all your deposits. It is also useful if you are worried about your vendors because it would give you a way to fight to get your deposits back if services aren't provided as stated. For instance if your florist is a no show on the day off, the insurance will help you get your money back.

    There is also liability insurance, which covers you for damages incurred to your vendors (ie someone ruins the dance floor and the vendor wants to charge you for replacement) or if someone hurts themselves. Some companies also offer a way to insure against alcohol related accidents so you wouldn't be able to be sued if someone gets drunk and drives and destroys their car after your wedding.

    A lot of venues in major cities require liability insurance. Our venue requires it because there is installations in the area where you have your reception. Most venues we looked at require it. It's basically a nice way to cover your ass.

    We are doing liability but not the other one. I think it all depends on your budget and your view on your vendors and your guests.
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  • Hmm, thanks for the info! I think I may look into the liability insurance. But I t hink we're covered as far as our vendors go. Hopefully! hah Now if only there was insurance for sunshine and fair weather!
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    How much does the liability insurance typically cost? Our venue talked a little about it when we signed the contract. They don't require it...they said some people get it, some don't. I guess we'll look into it and see how much it is and go from there.
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  • km-Totally depends on your wedding and area.  If you want to look into it, just Google it and start researching companies.  I'm pretty sure a lot of them have an online calculator to figure out what it would cost for you.
  • K thanks :) I better go pay the rent before I forget, and then I'll google when I get back.
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