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Olowalu brides - sound system?

Another question for the past and future Olowalu brides: did you rent a "ceremony sound system" which includes: Wireless mic for Pastor and Groom, handheld wireless for readings, amplification for musician(s)?? My WC said it is really hard to hear over the sound of the waves so the sound system is good to have.

I am looking for some ways to save money and since this system costs $500 I was wondering if it is something to cut. Thoughts?

Re: Olowalu brides - sound system?

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    We didn't use mics for the ceremony, but we're all used to projecting our voices (and we only had 31 people). If you, your FI, your readers or your officient isn't used to throwing their voice across the room, you definitely run the risk of not being heard. If you have a large group coming (any more than 40), I'd really recommend getting one.
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    Are you getting a Dj for your wedding?  A couple of the Dj's we talked to about doing our reception was willing to deal on the ceremony system.. My suggestion is to call around to different companies to see if you can get a lower cost.
  • pbkmompbkmom member
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    We did not have mics for the ceremony, the reader used the musicians amplification. It was a bit hard to hear some of the ceremony and we had 49. So if you are having a live musician, they defintiely need amplification or as suggested, the dj could help so you don't have to rent a separate unit
  • lwav8176lwav8176 member
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    thanks girls. I think I will go ahead with the rental. We alreadycommited to the DJ through our WC so I think I have lost any negotiating power....he has his deposit already.
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    No harm in asking! The worst he could say is no - and I found that my vendors were willing to bend over backwards for me.
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