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March 2010 Weddings

Gift for Fiance???

I have no clue what to get him! Any ideas???

Re: Gift for Fiance???

  • mg321mg321 member
    Mine's simple but hopefully he'll like it: his favorite cologne (Hugo Boss) that he ran out of around Christmas time. I love it too and have missed it--looking forward to smelling that deliciousness on our wedding day :).
  • i got him a bass guitar.  He's been crying about it for four years.  
  • My fiance and I have a deal where we aren't allowed to buy anything for the next week, as he tends to ruin gifts of any sort by purchasing exactly what I've already gotten him or what I've wanted to get him for a while.  SO, with that said I've been listening to what he's talked about getting himself lately and a wallet is on the top of the list.
  • I got him frog prince cufflinks on RedEnvelope.com.

    p.s. if you go on CouponCabin.com, and search RedEnvelope, they have a crazy site-only promotion.  I think I got 20% off by searching that coupon site
  • I was going to go all out and deplete some more of my savings with a 4 day trip to italy, but i dont think he would like that, so I am going to get him something he has wanted -- it is a Bosa ball i believe -- a half ball that you work out on.  he had wanted one for months but always refrained because of price -- about 250 and i think he would appreciate it.  i think I may also get him a sock monkey because he loves the commercial when the sock monkey drives the car
  • i mean he would like the trip to italy, but not like me spending so much and witha  vacation, it is important that we plan it together
  • I'm giving him an album of b-pics
  • I did B-Pics, although he found out about them so I gave him a small 2 photo-frame for V-Day so he thinks that is what they were done for and he has no idea I had a 30 page album done as a wedding gift! I might get him something else too I am just not sure yet!
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  • Does he have a favorite sports team, hobby or product?

    My FI is a computer gamer who loves Guinness.  So I got him a Guinness mini-fridge to put in the computer room.

    At least, I think I did.  I still haven't gotten a confirmation email for my purchase
  • We're not doing gifts for each other. When we budgeted and cut some stuff out to save money - it was the first thing to go.
  • We're giving ourselves each other. We didn't want the added stress/expense of gifts so that's what we came up with for gifts :-)
  • We decided to skip gifts and adopt a new puppy when we return from our honeymoon.
  • We're giving each other excursion gifts while on our honeymoon.  We each get to pick one that we really want to go on.  I'm picking a zip line trip through a forrest.  And he's leaning towards some scuba trips. 

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  • I got him a Seiko watch that matches his wedding band. It was a great deal half price because seiko went out. I kept it hid at the store and made payments until i just picked it up. I know he will love it!
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