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July 2012 Weddings

Rings: same or different?

So, FI and I went looking for wedding bands today. We want a very classic, simple style, but I wanted to try some rings on, mostly to see what width would look good on my finger. Now that we know that, we can start looking for good deals.

While we both have very much the same taste in rings, in prefer yellow gold, while FI tends more towards white gold. We would like to have the same color though. Are you planning to have the same rings in different sizes, or different ons?

Re: Rings: same or different?

  • I am getting my ring custom made to fit around my ERing and Fiance wants a very simple white gold ring I will prob have diamonds and such
  • I had to have one custom made to go around my e-ring.  Mine is white gold with diamonds.  FI still hasn't decided what he wants at all.  I think he is leaning towards tungsten or one of those with maybe one small diamond.

  • Although both of ours are white gold, they don't really "match". I don't think we ever discussed having them match, we both just picked what we really loved. I think if you want yellow gold and your FI wants white gold, then you should do that. You both have to wear them for the rest of your lives, you should love what you pick.
    If you really do want them to match, I've seen rings with white and yellow gold merged together, you could consider something like that.
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  • We both picked out what we liked and what our own personal style was.  For us at least it would have been hard to match because we both want it to be something we like.  After all, you will be wearing it for the rest of your life so I say choose something you really like.
  • Ours will probably not match.  I have already purchased mine which is white gold and 3 rows of diamonds.  He will probably have a titanium or carbide ring. 
  • FI and I will have different rings
  • FI just wants a band, and I'm optiong to go without a wedding band.  I just wanted one ring.  His will be different than mine.
  • Ours are way different. His will be white gold with a hint of gold in it while mine will be palladium with diamonds in it. My E-ring was custom made and so was my band so it would have been difficult to find a matching band for FI!
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  • We aren't sure yet as we haven't found our rings.  I think we may have found my e-ring and if so I will have a small gold band made to fit around it.  Sweetie doesn't care, just something simple for him.
  • FI's ring is tungsten mine is a white gold vintage set (I love my original ring but really wanted the set so we bought it! )
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  • we just picked ours out......FI got a tungsten ring and i got a white gold diamond band that matches my E-ring pretty closely......so no they dont match. we got what each of us wanted
  • we are both wearing yellow gold but different rings.
  • We are also doing different rings; we just bought them this week actually! 
    If you are anywhere near a Fred Meyer Jeweler, they are having a 50% sale right now, and it could be worth checking out. (thats where ours are from, along with the e-ring.) 
    Our rings dont match at all, mine is white gold with diamonds that are the same size as the accent stones in the ering, and sits higher to match height. 
    FI's ring is tungsten carbide, with a crisscross pattern and a darker gray color. We both love our rings, so i dont mind. Id rather love something that I plan to wear on my hand forever.
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  • My FI wants tungston as well since he works a hard labor job so it doesn't scratch the metal,but i am trying to persuade him to just a white gold band because with the tungston he could never resize it or alter it once he gets it. Mine is a diamond band that pretty much matches my e-ring.

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