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cost of platinum plating a white gold engagement ring

I noticed that my engagement ring band becomes yellowish after a while, which I was told is absolutely normal and is fixed by having it "re-dipped". I was considering having it platinum plated. Anybody would know how much that would cost?

Re: cost of platinum plating a white gold engagement ring

  • I would bring your ring to a local jewler and ask.

    This is happening to my ring as well. The place FI got it said they will re-dip for free one time since it's only 5 months old and if we needed it done again it could be $40 and up depending on what we choose to have it 'dipped' in.
  • they will redip it for free life time, since we got the insurance but it is a hassle so I want to do it platinum instead of the rodium that they use for white gold...
  • That is what we may end up doing since we have to pay each time (the ring is insured, but on our renters insurance, not through the jewlery store's insurance).
    They only way you will know about cost is to ask a place that could do it for you.
    Things vary by region.
  • Amy,
    I just called our jeweler and they said that they cannot do the platinum plating. I saw online that it was do-able but I will have to look more into it.
    If anyone knows about this, please let me know
  • I think your best bet is to have the stones placed in a platinum setting.  It's going to be more expensive now but when you add up the cost in time and money over decades to have it redipped, it will be a cost saver.
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    [QUOTE]Platinum tarnishes, too.  Stick with the rhodium plating.
    Posted by CMGr[/QUOTE]

    But tarnishing turns it grayish (I think it is pretty), not yellow like white gold does when the gold shows.

    ETA: It doesn't really tarnish, but the scratches make it gray/dull looking but still a white-ish color just darker and not shiny.

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