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RSVP Question, how to do +1 option for guests with kids

For example, I have an aunt who is divorced and has two children. She and the two kids are invited, but I also want her to have the option of a +1. How do I put something like this into the RSVP? I’ve heard of options of putting each person’s name with regrets/accepts next to it so I know exactly who is coming, I like that idea so that I don’t end up with too many uninvited guests but how would I do it with this? Or even if I don’t use that format, just how do I do this period?

Re: RSVP Question, how to do +1 option for guests with kids

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    You can ask her in advance if she'd like to bring a guest so you can add his name to the invitation. Then you would put:

    Ms. Susan Jones
    Mr. Robert Smith
    Misses Elizabeth and Jane Jones
    123 Main Street
    etc, etc

    Otherwise you could simple write:

    Ms. Susan Jones and guest
    Master Edward Jones
    Miss Sophie Jones
    123 Main street

    OR you could include a note in the invitation telling her she is welcome to bring a guest and to just RSVP with his name.

    You don't have to customize RSVP cards. We didn't. We didn't even have an option for the number of people coming, we just did:


    __ accepts ___ declines

    And then asked people to initial next to their choice of entree.

    But we did invite children of all the people we invited. If you aren't inviting all children you might want more specific RSVPs. You could simply put:

    Total number attending __

    Or: __ of _4_ guests attenting

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  • I would ask before.   But I would put her name on the outside
    Ms Jane Doe

    then inside put Jane, guest, tommy and susie.
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    Agree with phoning her, asking who she would bring as a guest.

    Also, as an aside, I like the idea of putting
    ___ of _4_ guests attending

    That way they can specify if they would rather party without the kids, bringing the kids but no date, etc, etc. without leaving it totally open that might leave some people to think they can bring, for example, their 15 year old sons girlfriend or something
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  • I addressed mine as Mrs jane doe and family, then on the inside put total number attending ___ of 4 guests like one of the OP's suggested
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