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Budget for Bridal Party Gifts

OK, I'm having a debate with my fiance on how much to spend on gifts for our bridal party.  He thinks only $125-150 should do.  When I consider what the girls will spend on dresses, hair, make-up, shoes, etc.  I think this isn't enough.  I also think you should spend more on the MOH and Best Man; he doesn't.

Does anybody know what the proper etiquette would be for this?


Re: Budget for Bridal Party Gifts

  • aerinpegadrakaerinpegadrak member
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    Well, you could not make your girls spend their money on hair, makeup, shoes, and other unnecessary expenses like that...

    You spend what you feel is right for your attendants, he can spend what he feels is right for his.
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  • alyssalowealyssalowe member
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    I asked my girls to buy dresses and shoes total of $75. Im paying for their jewelry and their hair appointments for a total of $50 each. The boys are renting tuxes (same price as the girls pay overall) and their gifts will be equal..although not sure what we are getting them.
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    I'm planning on spending around $100 each. I might throw in a little something extra for my MOH.  I'm also not requiring BMs to get their hair or makeu professionally done and I'm asking them to wear their own black heels.
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    Yea I think $125-$150 is a lot for a bridal party gift but thats just me. Fiance and I both have huge italian families so we have a very large bridal party and we would be broke as a joke if I spent that much on each one! But I also only have them spending money on a dress. I am not requiring a certain kind of shoe and its up to them if they want to get their hair and make up done.
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    For my girls I spent about $60 per person and got my MOH just 1 more thing that didn't cost a lot. For the guys we spent like $50. But I am not making them get their hair or makeup done, nor requiring special jewlery, shoes, or accessories and the dress was fairly inexpensive (about $100).
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    I do think that is kind of a lot for a bridal party gift. We are nowhere near that stage yet as we are not getting married until July, but we will probably keep them around $50 each. If you're worried about the amount they're shelling out, perhaps don't require them to get special shoes, hair appointments, or manicures. I am not requiring those things b/c I can't afford to pay for them. Most people have a pair of dress shoes that works already unless it's a strange color. I'm telling them I would like no bright finger nail polish, but otherwise I don't care. They can wear their hair however they want.
    If you want very specific things for these, then yes, I do think you should pay for it. But there is also to be said for each girl being unique and looking different than the next.

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