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F/U Miss Understanding & 2nd Interview

Well...the dress can't be ordered, the soonest it could get here is the day before that's not guaranteed. She offered to show me some different dresses in that size that could work, but I'm really disappointed in what happened and just ask them to refund my money. It just seems weird to charge a cc without an order. I could understand if you were making payments, but I paid the whole thing.

Everyone keeps telling me I should get an award for not yelling at her, but I understand it's not her fault and yelling isn't going to help.

My mom has called some bridal shops and we have some places we're going to try to see if we can buy a sample dress that's going out of style.

Oh and my second interview was the worst interview EVER. The lady looked at my resume, say you have no home care experience, you should take one of our STNA classes so you'll have the experience so you can find a job somewhere else. At this time I need the job filled by Aug 20 so you're just not going to work out. Hello my resume said I had no experience and I told the girl in the first interview I didn't. Seems like she was just trying to get me to take classes so she can make money.

I'm so glad I'm off tonight. My friend is getting married in a small ceremony and invited me to I'm going to go and have a drink and just try to relax. Thanks for the support ladies, it means a lot to me.

Re: F/U Miss Understanding & 2nd Interview

  • Keep you head up!  And congrats for not flipping out about the dress situation.  You still have time to find something and everything will work out.  And I don't know what it is about the job market these days but I interviewed for a job that I found out later that they already knew who they were going to hire before the position was even posted - what was the point of interviewing me and why did you waste both my time and yours?  Sending lots of KVs your way in the hopes of getting more interviews!
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  • I've applied for a lot of jobs in hospitals that got filled internally, but they suppose to do internal first, then make it public, so I thought that was weird.

    Like I just texted FI "I'm awesome, so she's the one missing out!"
  • Exactly!  Definitely their loss.
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  • Ugh suck all around. Keep your chin up!
  • wow, harsh interview lady.  i hate when people do that!  keep your head up.  i too want a job thats better than what (and maybe in my field perhaps haha) i have but i'm waiting till after the wedding!
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