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What other forums/boards/wedding related sites do you frequent?

Title implies it all.

I sometimes go browse weddingbee, but I don't post. But they do have some fantastic DIY ideas.

Also, as a side question, what website did you use to build your wedding website? I've heard some not so good things about TK's version.
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Re: What other forums/boards/wedding related sites do you frequent?

  • I used mywedding.com and have been super happy with it!
  • I used Weebly or Google sites to host my wedding website.  

    I browsed Brides.com and glanced at Wedding Wire.  I knew someone who was working over there when they were just getting started.   I got a $25 Amazon giftcard for posting my vendor reviews over there, but otherwise I didn't see anything that interested me beyond a "point and laugh" perspective of their boards.  

  • I stay pretty close to TK.  I've been over to the weddingbee classifieds, but they were a shiiitshow and so hard to navigate.  I tried to do a weebly website but ended up going with weddingwire for ours, I'm not tech savvy at all so it was the easiest for me to set up.
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    I'm wondering if I should set up a wedding website...we have a lot of OOT guests (all of my and FI's family is in NOLA, and we are from there too).

    I am planning on doing maps (to church and reception venue) in the invites, and in the guest bags as well as on the back of the programs. But for registry listing, RSVP purposes (I am sending cards in the invites) and just for fun (in case my friends are curious). 

    What would I put on the site?

    EDIT: I like TK....especially the SB and E boards. I also follow my wedding month and city.  Wedding Bee is a hot mess of bad advice.
  • I frequent on here (but it is slow sometimes).  I also frequent Weddingbee and Cafemom's wedding and vow renewal board.

    I have a other message boards I frequent but ever since wedding planning all I want to talk about is wedding LOL... I get it out of my system with these boards. 
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  • I checked out Brides.com when I first got engaged but didn't find the site helpful at all. I've stayed away from WeddingWire and Weddingbee b/c I don't appreciate constant sunshine and unicorns. I like that TK has an established community.
  • I occasionally glance at other forums (wedding bee, wedding wire) but not often. I don't really like the formats personally.

    As for our wedding website, I use Weebly. Free, no ads (other than a small one for Weebly at the bottom) and pretty customizable for a free site. Love it!
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  • I used Wedding Wire for my website because they had a layout that matched my invitations, but this is the only forum I read or post on.

  • I looked at other sites like weddingbee and weddingwire when I started planning my wedding and quickly realized that they are no help because nobody will give you an honest answer.  I stuck with TK.
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  • I read but hardly post on weddingbee.  It's great entertainment to hear all of the ridiculous things they say and want to do.  Everyone tells them it's a great idea. 
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  • I have my wedding website through wedding wire but I don't visit the wedding wire website very often.  I really love the knot's forums.
  • Wedding Gawker
    The Bride Link.com
    F*** Yeah Wedding Ideas Tumblr
    Off Beat Bride Blog
  • I have my wedding website through WeddingWire because it was simple and had the perfect basis for my DW. I post on a Brides to Be thread on Weight Watchers, but other than that most of my experience has been here. I visit the A Practical Wedding blog once a week; it's so logical and I loved the book!
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  • I love Pinterest- not exactly a "wedding site" it's for everything really- it's a super way to organize things you want- hairstyles, dresses, flower arrangements all in one spot. Plus you can search through other people's pinterest wedding albums and get ideas from theirs as well as downloading their 'pinmarklet' which lets you save anything from the web with one click into your pinterest album.

    Love it.
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  • Style Me Pretty.com

    LOVE IT!!!!
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  • I usually don't post anything, but I check out weddingbee, as their diy stuff gives me some inspiration ideas. I also use pinterest to keep things organized. I have checked out some other websites that were mentioned by pp's but I haven't found anything more than "ooh I like that" and usually I have seen it somewhere here on TK anyway.
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