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June 2010 Weddings

Do you think you will be sad?

I was just reading the April 2010 boards and they are all saying goodbye to each other because they either just got married or are getting married this weekend. Do you think you will be sad when the planning is all over? I know I can't wait to be married but this wedding has been the number one thing on my mind for over a year I think I might be a little sad when it is all over.

Re: Do you think you will be sad?

  • I think it will be a little sad, just because all the planning is over.. I am not going to know what to do with all the extra time!! haha, but I think we will all have so many new things to be excited about... moving into a new home, getting pregnant, just having a new family in gerneral... i think it will be bitter sweet!
  • I know what you mean. I have been planning for 1 1/2 years. After the wedding I wont have anything to do lol. I think it will be a little sad but then again I amglad to get it over with lol.

  • Yes, I agree.  All this planning has been so much fun!  But I have been a planner my entire life.  I am always thinking about and planning for the next step.  So when we are finally married, we can plan things together, like vacations, and children!  I am so excited to decorate our house together, LOL!  There is always going to be something to be excited about!  I've heard from a couple of people that were sad about the planning being over with, so they started planning their vow renewal ceremony in 10 years, LOL!  So if you need something to look forward to, that could be it!Laughing
  • Yes I will be sad! I am one of those people who gets really excited for big events, and then afterward feels really sad afterward (I am always so cranky when Christmas is over, ever year). It's been stressful but I will definitely miss planning, talking to people about it, etc. I'll probably just start pressuring my friends to get married so I can start helping them plan! jk

    But, we are jumping right into househunting after the wedding, so I'll have something to look forward to and occupy my time.
  • I don't think I will be sad, but I will be bored when I have nothing to do at work.  But I don't plan on saying goodbye to you ladies.
  • I was lurking at their board too yesterday and got a little emotional because we will start doing the same thing in 6 weeks. I am also the type that gets very excited for big events and when they are over get sad. 
  • im going to be so happy...and married...
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  • In Response to Re: Do you think you will be sad?:
    [QUOTE]ditto marisa- i don't think i'll be sad, just completely bored. and a heck of a lot less stressed. :) but we'll be moving in a year after the wedding, so i've got that to look forward to.
    Posted by future mrs.riva[/QUOTE]

    Pretty much exactly this!  I'll certainly be bored at work, but we're all moving over to TN together, RIGHT?!?!?!
    We'll also be moving in about a year, that's a lot to plan for!
  • I will definitely not know what to do with all my time...we will probably be moving halfway across the US, have to get the girls in school, buy a house, etc.  So we will keep busy.   I think I will have withdrawls planning everything, I have really enjoyed it. 
  • In Response to Re: Do you think you will be sad?:
    [QUOTE]I've heard from a couple of people that were sad about the planning being over with, so they started planning their vow renewal ceremony in 10 years, LOL!  So if you need something to look forward to, that could be it!
    Posted by JennandCollin[/QUO

    Maybe you could start a new branch of The Knot? ;)
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  • I will not be sad. I can't want until the wedding is over and we're married and everything will be back to normal :)
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  • Not sad OR bored- as soon as we get back from the honeymoon I'm tearing up and re-landscaping the back yard- AWESOME!! (And then I'm redoing the flooring all the way down the basement stairs, and maybe refinishing the kitchen cabinets- or just ripping them out, ohhhhh I can't WAIT to get back to working on the house!
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  • I don't think I'll be sad or bored. After the wedding we have Vegas for our honeymoon in August and then we are going to start with baby making planning. I also think it will be fun to move on to the Nest and bump boards. Don't the month/year boards move over to the Nest after the month has past? So we can all still talk. :)

  • sh!t no. i'll be happy as a clam to not be badgered by people for no good reason

    and when they ask me when i'm popping out babies, i'mma ask them: "how's your penis?" or "how's your vagina?" or  "how's your sex life?" or "hey how many times to do have sex in a week"
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  • I will miss you guys, but don't think I'll be sad over it. I will be happy and busy putting things away, organizing and probably moving to a bigger place.
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  • in fact, now i'm really looking forward to the end of june.
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  • I'm so ready for this damn day to get here.  I'm so over planning.  I want a free weekend and time to focus on my house.  My backyard is a disaster and I didn't get to plant flowers this year.  

    Don't get me wrong- I'm REALLY excited!  It's just so danged time consuming.  

    And I won't be sad about ya'll biitches.  I'll Nest. 
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  • I don't think I'll be sad. I'll miss some of the fun of planning and looking forward to the event but I think I'll just be happy to move on to something else as well.
     We just planned a long weekend vacation in October so we have at least that to look forward to after getting back to real life post-honeymoon.
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    In Response to Re: Do you think you will be sad?:
    [QUOTE]in fact, now i'm really looking forward to the end of june.
    Posted by ms nobody[/QUOTE]


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  • *snort*  I love nobs.

    Why in the hell are they saying goodbye?  Are they ONLY talking to each other for the planning?  That's not my thing.  They don't have to LEAVE after they get married.

    I am going to be here after the wedding...like I won't jump online on the HM.  HAHAH!  I may have started coming here for planning.... but that's not what keeps bringing me back.  I am too attached to you ladies to leave.  And I will be sad when some of you LEAVE US HIGH AND DRY.

    And please note:  We will NOT be moved to the nest for 2-3 months AFTER the wedding.  Hell, the Nov 2009 board is STILL on TK.

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  • Child, PLEASE! I'll be glad to be done with planning. With no more planning, my sanity will be restored in full. I'll be on TK and TN, so I'll still have my dosage of some of you ladies and the drama that may occur throughout.

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  • I won't be sad...only a little with changing mt last name (in a way). BUT so excited to start the next chapter...a baby!
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  • I thought I would be sad... but with the amount of financial stress this is putting my FI and I through, I think I will be so happy.
    I know I will still have some moments of sadness though... I felt the same thing after my b-party and shower. I was like wow, that went by fast. ITs all over...
    But I can't wait to be able to buy myself a new shirt or new pants, rather than a cake topper and garter.
    And FI and I are planning on buying a house after the wedding, as long as we sell my house... but then we will be busy making our new life together and having fun decorating, and just enjoying eachother's company... so I know that I am totally looking forward to not having a wedding to plan.
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