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Good Morning!

Yay for Hump Day!  It's the middle of the work week for most and close to Friday!!!

Today I will be driving about 2 1/2 hours North to pick my daughter up from her dads. I'm leaving in just a few minutes (yes....it's only 5 a.m. on the West Coast) so I can beat the heat.  It's been in the low 100's the past three days, it's crazy.  Last night at about 6 it was still in the upper 90's! 

Here's hoping you all have a WONDERFUL Wednesday!!!



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Re: Good Morning!

  • Have a safe drive Shelli!  Good morning everyone! 

    I have meetings most of the day today which should make my day go by pretty quickly!  I am going to try to purchase OOT bags.  I should hopefully be able to pick my car up from the shop today too!

  • Good morning! Have a safe drive, Shelli!

    I just finished icing a birthday cake for FMIL. I hope she is coming over tonight to have it, rather than FI taking it to her house, because I really want to eat some!!

    Another day at work for me, getting out a little early for a massage therapy appointment. I've been so unproductive the past two days, so hopefully I can stay away from here for a good part of the day!
  • Amanda, did everything turn out to be OK with your back?
  • Happy Hump Day ladies! I'm working today...then to the fireworks tonight! Yay!
  • Good morning ladies!  Safe trip today Shelli!!  I have today off again so I have no plans as of right now :-)
  • Oh yes my back is fine, the muscles in my lower back just tightened up after some time with the heating pad I am A ok!
  • Good morning all!!  Shelli, have a safe trip!  I don't have a lot going on today, just work, work and more work.  Very excited to go see Eclipse tonight, I cannot wait!!  Hope everyone has a very happy Wednesday!!
  • Morning!  Have a safe drive Shelli!! 

    Normal work day for me.  FI has an indoor putting green being delivered that I might have to run home and sign for....
  • Good morning!  Getting ready to go to work here soon and then we have to go to dinner over my grandparents house tonight.   

    Amanda - Thats great your back is ok!
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  • Morning!

    FI's BIG interview is today so concentrating at work isn't going to be easy. Cross your fingers he gets it, he really deserves it and has been working really hard now for 4 years in anticipation for this one interview.

    Other than that, look for more USAirways deals - cross your fingers we hit on something us girls can get use out of! :)
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  • Mornin' ladies!

    I'm back to work today. Not much else going on besides that lol...

    have a good hump day!
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  • Happy Hump Day!!!

    Normal work day for me...but glad it's Wednesday...just two more days until the extended weekend.

    Hope everyone has a good day and drive safe Shelli!
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  • Morning everyone...just working today then after babysiting my niece. Hopefully my migrain stops hurting. So far my meds for it is keepig it kinda at bay but this tension in my head makes me want to kill someone :-)...not you ladies 'cause you're all great. Shelli have a good drive and everyone have a wonderful day!
  • Good Morning ladies!! Happy Wednesday!
  • Morning Laides! It's month end so today will be hectic at work, but I'll get through it, especially since there's a nice glass of wine at the end of it! 
    Have a good hump day everyone!!
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  • Good morning ladies!  I'm in a great mood today, and I have no idea why.  I have a full day at work, and then a nice walking workout tonight.  My weekend is starting a day early, so I just have to get through tomorrow.
    Happy Hump Day!
  • Good morning!  Have a safe drive, Shelli!  Sending ::vibes:: for your fi's big interview, Mel!   Hope you feel better soon, Angy!

    I just got done with workout #3 of 6 for the week. I'm in week 4 of 10 (though had to take week 2 off for my gum surgery). Then back to the periodontist today to check on it. Have a great day, ladies!
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  • Knottie vibes for safe travels and awesome interviews!

    Not much is going on today.  I was up WAY too late last night planning dd's birthday party and when I finally got in bed, I couldn't sleep.  I am SOOOO tired today!  It's the kind of tired that makes your whole body hurt.  ACK!  Needless to say, I'm taking it easy today.  Hope everyone else is having a wonderful day!
  • Happy Hump Day! hpe everyones havin a good day! since FI's boss switched his day off today to tomorrow, im just gonna hang out with my sister today...
    always a fun day with her. well see wha happens

    have a good day ladies.
  • Good morning! Nothing really planned for today. Working all day and then I have a run scheduled for tonight. But my legs are still SUPER sore from Monday's workout so maybe it will end up just being some walking. Cry My B-pics are in about 2 weeks and I'm really trying to amp up my workouts and eating better but NOTHING is working. I've lost 40 pounds and need to lose 10 more to my goal but the scale won't budge! ok this turned into a rant, better go post this in the WTF wednesday instead! lol.
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  • Good Morning ladies!!!  Drive safe Shelli! 
    I'm working half day today...going to go golfing and enjoy our 76* weather!  Then 2 work days until an extended weekend!!!
    Have a good day all!!!!
  • Good morning girls!  Another day at work, but when I came in today I found out my boss approved the raise I asked for!  I thought he'd low ball me, so I went high and I got it!  So excited!  Tonight the FIL's are coming over for dinner, and then FI and I are meeting friends at the beach for a BBQ.  Tomorrow is our holiday!  Have a wedding to go to tomorrow and it is open bar, and I have to work on Friday.  Boooo.
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