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NWR: Northeast Ladies & Snow

How are all of you in the Northeast (and all of you from Philly since I know there are a lot here) holding up with all of the weather? I dug my car out from under a huge snow pile this morning. The city is like half plowed... still really messy!

Re: NWR: Northeast Ladies & Snow

  • You're telling me! I'm stuck in CT. ): FI and I were supposed to go home to Boston/NH this weekend. Boo. We didn't think the snow would hit so hard so FAST. Now I have to wait til tomorrow to go... and FI is left in CT allllll by his lonesome til Wed when's outta work!

    How much snow did you get?
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  • The city won't plow the smaller streets.  I'm not even sure the plows will fit down those narrow ones!  The major streets (Walnut, Chestnut, etc) are all plowed and I saw many teams of them out on Saturday.  They did try to keep up with it all.  UPenn, however, did not try at all.  Some of their sidewalks are still not plowed!

    Otherwise, all is well around where I live in Philly.  Trolleys are running, buses are running, trains are running.  I haven't been too affected by the snow. 

    I loved going to Rittenhouse Sq on Saturday.  I got some really pretty pictures, saw everyone making snowmen and little kids in their suits.  It was so Christmas-y and nice!
  • We got almost 2 feet here... I think it was something like 21 inches.

    *Joy2611* you're right about the smaller streets and the plows not being able to go down there. Walnut was fine, so was 13th, and Market, etc. Sansom was surprisingly messy this morning, but I guess it's not as major as Walnut & Chestnut. The clearest street I saw was the Parkway. A lot of the sidewalks were hit or miss through Sunday, it just kind of depended on who wanted to try to shovel and who didn't.

    I bet Rittenhouse was really pretty. For some reason we ended up not going down that way.

    I had to travel this morning for work to central PA. The drive wasn't too bad. I was expecting the Schuylkill to be awful.
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    For the record... I spoke too soon about the snow.

    Melting snow messed up the electrical grid my apartment building is on last night.  We were without power, heat, and water for about twelve hours.  Grrr...

    Walking is always an adventure after the snow.  I'll never understand why they don't leave a walkway at the corners so I don't have to scale the snow drift. 

    I can get what I need in the city by taking the trolley or walking.  I'm not big on driving in the city so I may have a really skewed view of the snow problems :)
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