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October 2012 Weddings


Holy smokes!! FOUR months to go!!

I got engaged in June of last year, and it seemed soooooo far away. It has flown by!
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Re: 10.20.12

  • I made a thread about this earlier but TK is appearantly eating posts again!

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  • Woo hoo! So excited but it seems so soon.
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  • I'm so excited! As of tomorrow we will have been engaged 1 year.
  • I can't believe how the time has gone by!!  We've been engaged since September 14, 2011 and now we're only 4 months away!! 
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  • I just want it to be here (but not really since I have a ton to do!)

  • Time sure is flying by!!!!   We have been engaged 6 months.  I am super excited but so nervous about getting everything done in time. 
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  • I cant believe we only have 4 months!! Woohoo!!  

  • YAY!!

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  • Ahhhhh does anyone else feel like we've hit a lull right now? I have no major planning to do, shower invites haven't gone out quite yet...I'm getting antsy!!!
  • Ahh! I got engaged last June too! I'm sooo ready for it to be here, but at the same time, I still have a lot of DIY projects and details to take care of.
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