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Recommendations for selling my dress?

I was married last October and am looking to sell my wedding gown. It is a Priscilla of Boston gown, the style is "Nora" and it was purchased directly from POB last summer. It is cleaned and preserved and in excellent condition (like it's never been worn).

I have been a little lazy about selling it - it's just been sitting in my guest bedroom closet. If anyone has any recommendations for good places to try and sell a used wedding gown please let me know.

I tried to find a board specifically dedicated to this topic and I'm either not searching correctly or there isn't one.


Re: Recommendations for selling my dress?

  • You could try posting it on the Wedding Classifieds board here on TK. You might also try your local board.

    Some of the reputable sites to sell a used dress are:


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  • You could always try and see if there is a bridal dress consignment store in your area as well. I'm going to try listing mine on a couple of those websites first and then do the store if it doesn't sell. Good luck!
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  • Some brides also donate their dresses to Brides Against Cancer or other organizations.
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  • http://www.encorebridal.com/ is another good site.

    I think your dress is a fairly popular dress, so you may want to make a for sale bio so it comes up on Google.   That way you keep all of the profits.  
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  • Bravobride.com also now does consignments. I don't think it's free, but it's a high traffic website among brides looking to save on designer gowns, so you may get more interested buyers there.
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