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Brideszillas, holy you-know-what

Ok it has to be said. I have been watching whose wedding is it anyways on Netflix. It's kind of cute I even got misty eyed at few episodes. Well Netflix recommended bridezillas, so I watched some episodes, ummmm What the heck!!!!
Those brides are like a bad car accident you know you shouldn't look but the damage is so bad you gotta look!
I mean it has to be fake, no one would really fire a bridesmaid because she didn't show up to help with the construction of the centerpieces?
I am just expressing my opinions that these shows are insane!!! These girls are such brats! I am so glad I don't act like that. But seriously it has to be fake. Anyways I felt this post could really go somewhere, anyone know someone who acts like that?
Ok I am gonna go watch some more bridezillas (hahaha I kid I kid)

Re: Brideszillas, holy you-know-what

  • I know right!!!!! Maybe these girls put up with it in hopes it may further their acting careers? I mean what would make you want to be friends with someone who treats you like poo? 15 min of fame?
  • I know that show isn't completely faked because my father knows one of the bride's mother through work friends. But I'm sure at least some of it is exaggerated. The episode where the bride puts her fist through a birthday cake, grabs a chunk and slams it into her father's face? No one says anything to her. They just sit and watch. On any other planet, someone would have at least shook their head in disgust.
  • Oh and the FIs oh wow. They are just hanging out in the background while the brides are all it's my day, it's about me! I feel sorry for the FIs, my man would NEVER ever tolerate that kind of behavior, he'd call off the wedding if I acted that way, they all just sit there and let their wives to be act a fool on national tv only to get made fun of on the soup with Joe mchale. Good lord I love the soup! Joe, you are the best.
  • Ok I seriously need to see a bride punch in a cake. I Gotta make some popcorn too for that is some real entertainment. Lol
  • It makes me laugh. Who would ever be friends with those brides? That's my question.
  • Yeah I think the friends and FI's of these people might disgust me more than the Bridezillas. 
    June 16, 2012
  • Me and my FI both love Bridezillas.  Not because we support the way they act, but it makes us feel better about things when we get aggrivated.  It is such a horrible show, but so entertaining at the same time.

    That being said, I feel bad for their victims.  Very bad.
  • My FI absolutely hates that show!  And I have to admit, sometimes it gets to be a bit much for me too, some of those girls are down right mean and hateful!  I couldn't ever imagine letting one of my friends treat me that way, and just taking it.  Those poor grooms, what is up with them???
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  • Confession, I just watched the whole season on Netflix in just a couple days. I can't believe the way so many brides act. Makes me want to be sure to keep myself in check!
  • I think bridezillas is scripted... I heard they get paid to act that way!
  • That show just makes me wonder if any of these people actually liked each other to begin with. Sometimes I'm honestly surprised these couples end up getting married after what the bride puts the groom through.

    I have tried to watch it as a "guilty pleasure" show a couple of times, but I simply cannot enjoy it. I'm not sure which makes me feel more ill--the idea that it's fake and scripted, or the idea that people actually act like that.
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