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July 2011 Weddings

Sweet deal on my wedding band!

Last year, I had printed off a picture of the wedding band I wanted. When we bought my e-ring in March, they stopped making my band in yellow gold, only in white gold now. Not a fan of white personally. I called in a few weeks ago with the model number of the yellow one, and they were going to search their other stores. Found one out on the west coast.

I get a call that it is in, and ask about the cost, because I knew it was on clearance. Regularly it was $599. Clearance (at the time I looked at it last year) was $429. I go in to pick it up yesterday, and the gal tells me there was an additional 70% off! The ring had been purchased, sized, and returned upon a broken engagement. So, with the lifetime diamond/resizing/retouching plan for $30, my $599 wedding band only cost $235 after tax and "lifetime warranty."

How cool is that! So now I just have to send it in for the resizing (free) and after we get married, I can send it in with my e-ring for the soldering (also free).

On the flip side, a tree fell in my yard and took out a power pole, fed power to my detached garage, and the remaining part of the tree is hollow, and could very well fall on my house in another good windstorm. Terrified of rain on the radar now.

Re: Sweet deal on my wedding band!

  • WOW, just WOW

    I am sorry that the tree fell. If the tree is hollow and rotted, could the homeowners insurance take care of that? My parents had the smae problem when the neighbors tree fell on their fence in the backyard.

    (I love to end things on a positive note)  It is amazing how good of a deal you got on your ring. I am so happy for you. It feels so good when everything just comes together doesn't it.  Enjoy this very happy time!!!
  • Awesome, delas are the best!
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  • Congrats on the deal!!!  Have a good weekend!
  • The tree hasn't done damage to my property (yet) - but the neighbors have been complaining about the cost to remove the tree for 7 yrs that we have lived here, telling us it has needed to come down for 15 yrs.

    So, if it falls, my insurance has to pay for the repairs as an "act of god" - however, I feel that it would be an act of negligence on our neighbors part.

    Back to the original topic:

    I think I am going to have the band resized right away, it sounds like Zales isn't doing too hot in this economy, and are in danger of closing down by the end of the year.

    I hope I can find other steals like this one!
  • rak123rak123 member
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    Good deal on the ring.

    For my class last semester, we read an article about businesses that may not make it through 2010.  Zales was on the list along with Blockbuster, and a few others I don't remember.  I really don't know how Zales would handle the lifetime insurance thing if they closed down?
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  • Wow.. that's an amazing deal!
  • Damn good deal!  Congrats!
  • kls114kls114 member
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    Awesome deal!!!!
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  • Took the band in for sizing today, in the event that they go under before the wedding!

    I can always pay to have some other jeweler solder them together if Zales is gone down the road.
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