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Chair sashes different color than table overlay?

So I am on a budget, so I didn't have a set plan for how my tables would look... so I bought stuff when it was on sale without much planning. First I bought the centerpieces (turquoise lanters with plum candle holders on both sides). Then I  got turquoise napkins to use under the centerpieces for a pop of color because I had just planned to use the ivory tableclothes the venue comes with.Then I found out that my venue has hideous green banquet chairs (they were moping when we viewed it so the chairs wern't in there)... so I decided to buy chair covers. Well then I found turquoise chair sashes on craiglist for a great price so I got those

So now I feel like there is a ton of turquoise with very little plum... and am considering getting plum overlays (I have the money in the budget).

Do you think the plum overlays with turquoise shashes will look bad? I have only ever seen overlays/tableclothes that match the chair sashes so I'm hesitant. I considered doing turquoise overlays and just not using the napkins under the centerpieces..... but that doesn't really fix my "too much turquoise and not enough plum" issue.

Or maybe I'm just overthinking this all and I should just have the sashes and napkin under the centerpiece with no overlay?

My venue doesn't have plum for the napkins and so I'm just using ivory for the actual napkins... so that doesn't give me a chance for a 'pop' of color... unless I buy plum napkins instead of overlays. Ughhh... I am clearly not good at this lol

What would you do?
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Re: Chair sashes different color than table overlay?

  • I like the color combinations, I think it will really pop
  • I had a little trouble following your post, but I will give it a try! I like the color combo alot! For the "not enough plum" issue, would it be possible to have plum - colored glass candles on the tables? or maybe use the plum color in your centerpieces? Maybe some pretty plum colored flowers tied with ribbon to the napkins? To be honest, no one but you will probably notice all the turquoise ( I agonized over this stuff too, and I barely noticed , everything went so fast) .
  • I would add plum to the centerpieces if your scared the colors are not represented equally.
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