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Anyone hear from IFEFAD

Just wondering if anyone heard from IFEFAD as of yet, I am sure she needs some support and understanding during these trying times.  I pray all is well with her and her family and that in the end whatever she and God see's fit comes into fruition and keeps a smile on her face.  If you have spoken to her or will speak to her let her know we are in her corner if she needs us.

Re: Anyone hear from IFEFAD

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    Good question. She has been weighing heavily on my heart because it was a statement that can mean anything. I really hope everything is ok.
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    IFEFAD girl, if you're lurking know that you got love on the AAW Board.  I wish you the best possible outcome in whatever you're going through right now.
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    Hey ladies,

    Thanks for all the love and support. I really appreciate it. Right now, i need time to clear my mind. I will keep you lovely ladies updated :)
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    Thanks for checking in and n=know that if you need someone to speak to I am available, as are many other ladies here on the board.  :-)
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