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September 2010 Weddings

Can I...

disinvite my entire office to my wedding? 

After being demoted, I really just want to say fvck you to this place and wipe my hands of everyone.  It's all I can do to not walk out right now.  Sorry to be such a debbie downer, but I'm having a rough day.

But I'm serious, I really don't want my two-faced beyotch of a boss, or assshole co-workers watching me on my most important day of my life so far...


Re: Can I...

  • Go ahead.............say excuse me office people. Unfortunately we over invited and have had to make a few cuts and Im sorry to inform you will be asking you to decline attendance
  • Maybe, knowing the tension and whatnot, they will take themselves out of the equation and not come.  If I were your boss, I definitely wouldn't.
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  • When I quit my old office they had already all been invited. Only 3 of them (the ones I still talk to) all the rest of them said no :-) Im betting they will just decline.
  • AW brew, I am sorry. That sucks. PPs have some good ideas, but I would think that most of them wouldn't show up anyway, I know if I were them I wouldn't.

    Do you have RSVPs from them yet?

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    [QUOTE]AW brew, I am sorry. That sucks. PPs have some good ideas, but I would think that most of them wouldn't show up anyway, I know if I were them I wouldn't. <strong>Do you have RSVPs from them yet?</strong>
    Posted by tbearsangel[/QUOTE]
    Oh yeah, the whole office is coming.  All 12 of them and their +1s.  That was really stoopid of me to invite them, but I followed etiquette w/ the whole small office thing.  The owner and my beyotch supervisor are staying only for the ceremony (so I don't have to pay for their meals), but everyone else will be slamming down at the open bar.  Grr!!!!!  Hopefully I will calm down after my PMS rage week is over...hopefully....

    Otherwise, I will be sending some rude IMs out to co-workers...


  • I'm soooo sorry! *BIG HUGS* I hope that they all just don't come - but either way, your wedding will be amazing no matter what!
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  • Just sit them as far away from you as possible - don't mingle over - and hope they leave early.

    Do your ushers know who they are? Or at least your boss?  Have them seat them towards the back of the church/wherever your ceremony is.  Or at least at the outside ends of the aisle so you dont have to see them while you walk down.
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