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Re: SEX Poll

  • edited December 2011
    [QUOTE]I don't have any good ones for regular sex, but the one FI and I made up for butt sex is "digging for buttons." 
    Posted by I Want Cake[/QUOTE]

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  • pcslindsers06pcslindsers06 member
    edited December 2011
    A) We have 2 dogs and JUST adopted our 2nd one who is extremely attached to me, so when we lock him out of the bdroom, he whines horrendously. Call me cold hearted but.... I just turn on a little music and throw a couple bones into the living room ;) They can handle it for like 15/20 mins!
     B) I'd have to say probably every other day. Sometimes more, but right now he's in the middle of studying for boards. During finals it's more like once every week or 2 weeks ha.
    C) I'd have to say "doin the dirty" or "bumpin uglies" haha!
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    We call it "sexy time" or "pounding hole" haha.

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