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E-mail form Mandalay Bay (sorry kinda long)

If any of you in-suite brides are curious I recieved an e-mail from Ada the director of the TheWedding chapel about the in-suite issues:
Hello Hayley,
I had hoped to speak with you by phone regarding your upcoming ceremony and In- Suite reception but would like to take this opportunity to explain to you the dynamics and logistics of our large suite booking process.  I am aware of the various blogs posted about our venue in regards to the Vista suite and other in suite gatherings and I wanted to take the time to not only put you at ease but to also educate you on why there may have been some concerns:
The brides who have had issues with the receptions were NOT Mandalay Bay wedding chapel guests and did not receive one of our contracts which educates them about the regulations and dynamics associated with the in-suite receptions
All reservations booked through the chapel have special notes ,made by the wedding chapel and front desk to ensure they are not moved
 Below are some things that brides may find beneficial, whether booking with our venue or not. Often times, the couples are unaware that check in time is 3 pm and the receptions should be scheduled for later in the evening if possible
If the above is not an option I always suggest booking the night before, to ensure the room is ready for an early reception
Always mention at the time of booking that you are holding the room for a special occasion and request for notes to be made on your reservation
Keep a look out for specialty dates/ Holidays such as new years to ensure that you are booking your suites far enough in advance
 Like, I expressed earlier, our team is focused on delivering and exceeding the expectations of our couples, we have hosted over 500 all-inclusive receptions and take pride in knowing that our brides are not just happy but well taken care of by all of the departments we collaborate with.  I am happy to provide you or any of the other brides on the knot with advice and guidance should they have any questions or comments. Thank you for taking the time to share your concerns with me, I am confident we will exceed your expectations.
Ada Casanova-Masset
Please feel free to share my email with anyone who is having concerns with our insuite weddings. I am happy to assist any of the brides on the knot regardless of where their ceremony is booked.

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Re: E-mail form Mandalay Bay (sorry kinda long)

  • Sara191431Sara191431 member
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    Nice!  Can you post or email her email address?

    Then again, is it dumb to bring it to their attention when we are having it.  I almost get worried that if they decide to suck that day, they'll know we are coming, and be difficult, especially for those that are not having their ceremony there, like us.  Like, if the front desk has someone working that knows nothing about the chapels feelings on in-suites, they may not care...
  • hstaples4hstaples4 member
    edited December 2011
    Well if you're interested heres her e-mail address:
    [email protected]

    So far all the ladies in the wedding department have been great to work with and I'm sure they will help you out how ever they can. I don't think they've been too happy with the reviews Mandalay Bay has gotten lately and want to try and change that, even though all the bad reviews have been for the hotel side it still reflects badly on them.
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  • lsvenssonlsvensson member
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    That makes me feel better about my M&G, thanks for posting!
  • edited December 2011
    Yea but does the same apply to those who are technically breakin the rules with outside catering instead of the all inclusive??
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  • lsvenssonlsvensson member
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    I think as long as you booked your ceremony with MB and, by extension, your Vista with MB, you're okay.  Outside of that, though, I don't think they make any guarantees. =/
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    this definitely takes a whole load off of me! thank you sooooo super much !
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