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September 2011 Weddings

Hotel Info on STD?

We're getting married over Labor day weekend with many out of town guest.  As we've been contacting hotels to gain information regarding a block all have been careful to mention that they usually sell out well before labor day and to encourage guests to book with the block or there will be no rooms available.  Is there a polite and efficent way to put the hotel information on the STD along with some gentle encouragement to book before the block expires?  What are other labor day weekend brides doing?
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Re: Hotel Info on STD?

  • Do you have a wedding website?  That might serve as a better place to list hotel block information.  You can list your wedding website (lots of free ones) on your STD and there ya go! :)

  • Our hotel gave us links to book rooms which we put on our website. We then put our website address on the STD. If you are against making a website, I would include a card in OOT guests STD's with the information about the room block instead of putting it on the STD itself.

    Also, the place we are doing our block through blocks the set number of rooms off and no one can reserve them. If our block fills they will add more as need be to make sure all our guests can get a room.

    If you want to take a look, here is our web address.


    Also, where in Chicago are you getting married?
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  • in agreement with the pp's we are doing save the dates due to a possible packer conflict so we put on our std's

    "for important information please visit our wedding website xxxxxxxxxx"

    on my wedding website i have the genery hey hello blah blah blah and at the bottom in red i have "please be sure to see the guest information tab as there is very important information regarding hotels."
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  • Most of our guests are OOT so we are putting the hotel information in  the STD envelope. For our STDs, we made magnets and are attaching them to different colored index cards. I'm going put the cards from the hotel on the other side of the index card. I thought about a website, but I know that the older relatives won't go to the website and will just call my mom and FMIL for clarification and I don't want to have that happen to them.

    The cards give all the information that the guests need to know. They gave us enough cards so that we can include them in the STDs as well as the invites.

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  • Ditto PP. We're putting website info on the STD and the hotel info will be on there. If I could, I would put hotel info on the STD since a lot of people don't go to the website for whatever reason, but there just wasn't room on my STD

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  • We put our wedding site address on the STD. We'll post all the hotel information on there. Hopefully anyone hoping to book a room will think to look at the site!
  • We put the website on your STD and also put an accomodation card with information of the hotels that we have blocked with for the OOT guests.

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