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April 2010 Weddings

She seriously wants to be invited???

So, after Mike and I were running around trying to figure out who was going to drive Amanda home from the reception, her mom came to him and said "you're having my mom (amanda's grandma) pick her up? does this mean I'm not invited?"
Seriously???  Now I get along with her and everything but what person in their right mind would WANT to go to their ex spouse's next wedding????  Mike told her pretty much hell no, she's not invited; she argued him that she's happy for us and she's over it with him.  Great - I'm over my exes too but have no desire to attend their wedding.  He told her if she wants to see Amanda walk down the aisle, he can't stop her from sitting in the back of the church, but she better stay away from his family. 

Mike and I agreed there's no reason why any of our ex boyfriends/girlfriends/friends with benefits - basically anyone we slept with in the past - needs to be invited to our wedding.  I'm friends with my old boyfriend's (of 8 years ago) wife; I guess I'd have to explain another reasoning for not inviting them since he never told her we dated.   He had a one-night tryst with one of his sister's friends about 6 months before we met and she asked why so and so was invited but she wasn't; he told her she could come for drinks and that he didn't think I'd mind.  Thing is, I like the girl.....but the fact that something did go down between them makes me uneasy about having her there.  I'd rather avoid argument about it though and hope she just forgets.

Re: She seriously wants to be invited???

  • ok first of all I thought this post was going to be about the CRAZY EX and I was about to fliiiiiiiip out.

    But still, totally weird. I'm glad you are strong enough to say helllll no!
  • Funny thing is, she never asked me; she only asks FI.

    And funny you mention the nut-job homewrecker wanna be psycho ex......she has left us alone, but her stupid b!tch wh0re friend who FI also grew up with e mailed him on facebook over the weekend, talking about her and she actually told him, "if you still have feelings for her it's not too late."  ARE YOU EFFING KIDDING ME?????  You don't try pushing someone on an engaged man, b!tch!!!  This hag is higher up on my sh8 list than the ex these days.  I was ready to send her a message and threaten to tell hte ex's husband but I guess I never did because I'm better than they are...

    He had a close female friend that tried that sh8 with him and they don't speak anymore.  She and I got along great at first but then all of a sudden she was trying to push him together with her skank wh0re cousin who liked him.  It killed me because she'd accuse me of being jealous of their friendship (which I wasn't; she was a hag).  She'd find reasons to go hang out over his place on the nights we took off from one another, and make sure the cousin was with her.  Then when I caught her bashing me on her myspace blog he put the kibosh on it.
  • Wow...talk about psycho ex's!!  I think Mike was right to tell her that she could watch Amanda walk down the aisle but that is it!  Maybe have someone on security detail at your wedding to make sure she leaves after that!
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  • LOL - I already informed my big, football playing cousins that they were going to be named the "bouncers."  I don't think Amanda's mom would pull any funny stuff; I told him to make sure he doesn't announce the location, time, etc. on facebook though - since his psycho ex that wants him back drove 2 hours and showed up at his race back in May it wouldn't surprise me that she'd show up at the wedding if the opportunity came, let alone try to sabotage it.

  • wow good luck with that!  and i agree w/ a "hell no!" for ex's at the wedding!  my FI's best friend's entire family is invited except for the sister... his ex!
    no "effing" way!  lol
  • oh man... yeah, some folks can hang with stuff like that (e.g., FI's dad and stepmom actually have Xmas dinner sometimes with stepmom's ex and his new wife.... a tad weird IMHO but whatever...)... but if it makes you uncomfortable to have Amanda's mom there, then you have every right to say no way!  

    and I hear you on the bouncers.  Luckily I have a few ex-military uncles ready to step in too!

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