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Nevada-Las Vegas

Help me!!!

So my wedding started out as myself, my FI and our best friend couple as our attendants. That was it. As of today and all of this happened over the last 48 hrs my parents are coming, my FI mom, sister and brother in law, another set of friends and possibly my Aunt and Uncle are all flying out. First off, I am am excited they are coming, even if they aren't planned guests. We had invited them all 3 months ago but each of them said they couldn't make it. Anyway, now they are all coming and I don't know what to do. FI and I do NOT have the budget for a reception. We planned on four people and made reservations for dinner for us four and that's it. What do I do? Im in panic mode...

Re: Help me!!!

  • What is your budget? Maybe go to dinner at a Mexican place, firefly, burger joint....somewhere fun but relatively inexpensive. You don't need to do a lot but I do think you should treat your guests to dinner. If you sit in the dining room at Firefly they only request 25 pp and you could get a few pitchers of sanria. Just a thought! Or have appetizers/drinks in your hotel room
  • renjon, I was wondering how much glam squad was charging you for hair and makeup, and I am sorry this isnt anything to do with your post!!
  • I agree with PP- go some place more casual and treat your guest to apps or whatever you can afford.  It sounds like you'll have 11-13 people and some place won't require a pre set menu or anything like that for that few of people.  Maybe Margaritaville?  La Salsa?  Bucca De Bepo?  Those might work with your budget?  Hopefully my suggestions help! Good luck! And yay for more family members/friends being able to celebrate your special day with you- sorry they had previously declined though, that stinks.

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  • When you originally invited them - what were your plans for the reception then? Could you go back to that? Can you just have drinks and fingerfood at home (set it up nicely with candles etc) or if you are not from Vegas maybe have it in your room? Do you know where all your guests are staying? There are some great holiday rentals at surprisingly good rates around, so maybe you could ask them to stay in one of those with a nice outdoor area and have your selfcatered reception there? I am sure they would be happy to help if they have all overcome initial obstacles to share your special day with you?
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  • Ok...so when we started talking about going to Vegas, they all said they wouldn't be able to make it.  We even asked again when we started booking.  Still no.  So our budget was for four people.  (Two friends paying own air/hotel)   However, I am loving the idea of a Mexican place.  Would In and Out Burger be too cheesy?
  • In 'N Out Burger wouldn't be cheesy, but you might want to do a little more than just that if you can.  What about an in-suite?  You can definitely get cheap booze (even if it's just a few cases of beer or wine - $100ish or so), get a 6" cake ($25) from retro or some cake pops, etc...  A few hundred bucks would definitely be worth it and make your guests feel great :)
  • Studio B Buffet (M Resort) is only $23.95 per person, and that includes alcohol. :)
  • I showed this to my FI last night and here is his idea....In and Out Burger going in the limo which we upgraded to hold 15 then out for drinks?
  • I would not do In and Out Burger, I am not sure if you are familiar with it but it really is fast food. Just my opinion, you would spend maybe $125 more to have everyone eat at Margaritaville. You can get burgers for like $10 bucks and then you could stay there and drink after. Then you would not have to play for a limo. Just my thoughts, hope you get everything worked out!
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  • Honestly?  I think In and Out Burger & a limo sounds like a lot of fun.  You could get some awesome pictures there too, like this couple:
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  • I don't think actually going to In n' Out would be a good idea practically.  It is always packed and there is no where to park or even move around in their lot (at least not at the one on the south end near the strip).  You probably wouldn't be able to find anywhere to sit either, and the last thing you want is to get ketchup on your dress!  Maybe have them cater to your suite instead?
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    [QUOTE]We had a super small budget & couldn't afford a traditional reception for our 24 guests. We went from dinner in a restaurant, to an in-suite party with Maggiano's catering (their catering menu is affordable), to in suite with Chipotle burritos (they are pretty cheap too & we would have done it but couldn't get the logistics to work out), to in suite with pizza & wings (delivered). We spent about $300 on alcohol for the suite & $150 on pizza & wings. Guests loved it, it was familiar, cheap, & easy, & let's be honest, perfect drinking food. We also had a cake that was $200 but I'm sure that is not necessary. We all had a great time. ETA: We also had A LOT of alcohol left over!!!!! Could have probably spent $100 less than we did.
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    That is the idea I think we are going to go with... the pizza and beer in a suite. It will fit our group perfectly. What hotel did you stay at and did they give you any problems having that many people and that much pizza?? I know some places say no outside food allowed when you book a suite.
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