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October 2011 Weddings

Will this be weird?

STBFI (soon to be, lol) asked if my dad would give me away, and I said no (did that at my first wedding).  I asked STBFI if he'd walk me down the aisle instead. 
He suggested that we walk towards each other and meet in the middle of the aisle to signify that we met in the middle of our lives, and that we're moving forward together, hand in hand. 
I think its really sweet and I love the idea...but will people wonder if he's leaving??


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Re: Will this be weird?

  • When you say walk towards you I envision the chairs set up to encircle you two as you are saying your vows. Maybe have long rows of chairs so as to make more of a front aisle. You could actually get creative with how you two would meet up before the vows.
    If you have the traditional aisle put something in the program so the guests will know the significance behind him meeting you halfway. It is a very sweet idea.
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    I've heard that's actually pretty common now a days, so I don't think it would be weird at all.

    But then again, little strikes me as weird
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  • It is a traditional church...but now that I read your idea about having everything set up in a circle, now I want that instead!  :)

    Thanks girls.  I think I will put something in the program to explain it.
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  • I think it sounds very unique and personal, so I think its great!
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  • I think it sounds like a great, unique idea...especially nice because it has personal meaning behind it! :)
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  • sil222sil222 member
    I think it sounds fine but maybe you should start walking down first before he starts towards you and i think people will catch on better, if he starts walking first they just might think that he is leaving and make sure he doesn't walk to fast it might look like he's running! LOL  sweet idea
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