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Hump Day Letter Confessions

Dear Hubby, 
Thanks for keeping the house clean

Dear sister and cousin,
I love you guys so much, i would be so content if you were my only bridesmaids. You guys dont give me drama.

Dear unborn baby,
please be a girl! please!
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Re: Hump Day Letter Confessions

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    Dear Snow: Please go away

    Dear American Airlines: Please dont cancel my flight to Denver tomorrow

    Dear FI: I am trusting you to mail the invites while I am in Denver, please please dont smudge the envelopes, remember to stamp each one, etc... Ugh, I'm such a control freak.

    Dear mom: stop being so holier-than-thou and just be mom. I'm happy you found the LORD and all that jazz, but I miss our talks & giggles, now you judge everyone and every convo is peppered with Praise The Lord, Hallelujah, etc...so taxing to talk to you.

    Thanks for the podium...
  • lakishaplakishap member
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    Dear FI: I am very proud of you for getting a double promotion within 2 months but please stop bringing work home with you.  Instead of coming home and instantly starting in on happened today at your workplace how about asking me how my day was for a change.  Please try to have a conversation with me that does not involve talking about your co-workers and the drama on your job because I could really careless .  I leave mine at the office how about you try leaving yours there also. 

    Dear MOH: You are the best Bm any girl could have I will be just fine with only you as a BM.
  • TysWife2BeTysWife2Be member
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    Dear FI,
    Thank you for being such a great father to our daughter.

    Dear Mommy,
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! See you later for dinner...so excited you get to go see The Color Purple.

    Dear Annoying Co-Worker,
    STOP EAR HUSTLING and going to another one of my coworkers telling her that you can hear everything and its not worth it. If its not worth it, why are you trying to hear what I am saying across the room? Oh yea, your conscious must be REALLY messing with you because you TRULY backstabbed me and have no idea that I know about it. None of us here like you, you have backstabbed us ALL so just go get another job cause youre not wanted here...not to mention, you have NO experience in finance and you continue to make the dumbest mistakes...YOU DONT FIT HERE!

    Dear Baby Girl,
    I LOVE YOU SOOOOOOOOO MUCH...You are my pride and joy! I know youre teething but mommy and daddy are here to comfort you. See you when I get home mamaz!
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  • ladylumladylum member
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    Dear Co-workers,

    I hope that when I go on maternity leave you will see how much I do for you and appreciate me more when I come back!

    Dear FI,
    You have the patience of Job because I know my demands and emotions during this pregnancy has put a toll on you along with your fears and hopes of being a father to a baby. You are already a great dad to my son and a hell of a lot better than your @#$% father was to you.

    Dear Time,
    Please speed up. I want to have my baby now! I also want to get these showers done with!

    Dear Snow,
    I love you but enough is enough. Let the sun come back!

    Dear Butterbean,
    You are my heart and you are going to make such a great big brother to your new sibling! You drive me crazy sometimes but that's because you are just like me. I love you dearly!

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    Dear Snow Gods,

    Stop punishing the DC region and move your snowy wrath elsewhere.  We haven't left the house in 6 days and are starting to run out of food.  And you try getting delivery in a blizzard.  So please please stop making it snow.  Thank you.
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    Dear FI,
    Thank you for cleaning up the kitchen after you came from school and work. And for helping me with the "problem" I was having! LOL! Wink

    Dear Weight,
    Thank you lose going down, I need you to continue. Thanks!
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    Dear Achy Back,
    Enough already.

    Dear God,
    I know you wouldn't allow anyone to put more on me than I can bare, but I'm interested in why you trust me so much.

    Dear Goofy (but loving) Friend,
    It annoys me so much that you giggle when nothing is funny...like when I'm pouring my heart out to you about something so seriously life-changing.

    Dear Me,
    Man up. Even on a bad day, you are marvelously blessed beyond measure! :)
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    Dear snow,
    You suck !!!!!!!!!! Go away, I want my fi home. Not sleeping on some cot at his job. And ditto OFF, I need food and the pizza man's line has been busy for 20mins. I HATE snow Cry

    Dear fi,
    I miss you ! And am praying that you will make it home tonight. Love you lots ! Miss you much !

    Dear mom,
    Thanks for clearing things up with nana. Im not trying to be mean, but she really hurt my feelings. And I cant take it any longer. Love you bunches !
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    Dear God,
    thank you so much for blessing me beyond countless measure!  Please watch over my brothers and my sister on the east coast as they endure such unprecedented snow.

    Dear Wedding Planner,
    thank you so much for making my life so much easier.  You are truly a blessing.

    Dear FI,
    please get more involved.  My bridal party and my friends shouldn't be more invested in this than you.

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    Dear Woman from the Bank,
    Please call with good news, pretty please.
    Sincerely, Anxious Customer

    Dear God,
    Thank you for what I already have.  Help me to follow your plan and give me the strenth to face whatever comes my way. 
    Love, Your Humble Servant

    Dear FI,
    Thank you for being you.  I love everything about you and I cannot wait to be your wife.
    Love, Me
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    I have never participating in this one but today is fitting....

    Dear Boss man,
    Why is it so damn bright in here today? It is lit up like the post office in here. Dim these lights please!

    Dear God,
    Please make my paycheck dollars stretch longer so that I won't keep crying everytime I have to pay out money to something. Oh and please please please continue to keep me sane through all of this.

    Dear FI,
    Thank you for being so understanding when I have my "moments". Thank you for making sure the house is clean, the girls do their homework, and cook dinner. And most of all thank you for loving us the way you do.

    Dear Mommy,
    Next time I see you I think I will have to take you out to the yard. You are slacking on your once a week calls to me. What's the matter with you? I live 4 states away.

    ok that's it Laughing
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    Dear trailor trash co-workers,
    It takes a lot of energy to be a hater and I am flattered that you choose to waste valuable time and energy focused on me. If you would focus on your teeth and wardrobe as much as you focused on me, you would be just as fierce.

    Dear "BFF",
    I am not expecting you to come to my shower or my wedding in Jamaica, because you make so many excuses not to meet me for lunch in a local spot. Stay at home and look like a fool, while your husband continues to hang out with his friends and have fun. And don't bother to call and ask for my wedding details.

    Dear FI,
    You're the absolute best and I love you!

    Dear manager,
    I saw you browsing the internet in our meeting on your Blackberry. Stop fronting like you are so busy and being a jerk!

    Dear stupid, bitter co-worker,
    Kill yourself! You are the most miserable person I have ever met and if I saw you stranded on the highway, I would slow down so you could see me and then speed off.
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    Yay!  My first Hump Day Confessions

    Dear Snow,
    For real, another 2 feet?  And your coming back Monday?  Ever heard of wearing out your welcome?  Trust me, it is worn.

    Dear FI,
    You are my bestfriend and love.  Just wondering why your handsome self did not decide to come o my house after work so you could dig me out of the snow today or tomorrow AM.  You do remember my back is jacked.  Well, thank goodness for neighbors with sons and I will have them save the part of the driveway you park in for you to shovel!  Love you lots!

    Dear Verizon,
    How do you NOT KNOW if internet capabilities are available at my house?  It is not like I live in the middle of nowhere, left to the tree....I thought y'all had people?

    Dear Tyler Perry,
    Adore your plays and movies.  Waiting for Why Did I Get Married Too to hit theatres in April and upset tix to your plays have tripled in cost- I guess I will have to wait for it to hit DVD...legit, of course, not bootleggy. 

    Dear Freshly Baked Organic Choc Cookies,
    RUN, RUN, RUN, while you can...I have eaten about 9 of your friends since yesterday.

    Thank you.

  • tamtam7tamtam7 member
    edited December 2011

    Dear FI,
    I'm hungry.  Hurry up with dinner! LOL!

    Dear dad,
    Please pay for our honeymoon.  Please do not sell me out during one of the most important times of my life.  You have been an awesome dad my whole life, so please keep up the good work and pay for the honeymoon like you said you would.  After all of this wedding planning I really need a vacation.

    Dear brain,

    Please do not stress about work so that I can get a good night's rest.  I'm so tired and I really want to sleep tonight.

  • tamtam7tamtam7 member
    edited December 2011
    Dear FI,
    Thank you for dinner.  It was very delicious and nutritious.
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    Dear Neighbors Across The Street,

    Please dont block my walkway or park in front of my house when I did all the hard work shoveling all that damn snow. Pull forward.

    Dear Play Sis,
    Thank you for all the late night conversations when needed. Your a great help to me with all this wedding planning stuff.

    Dear Maid/MAtron of Honor,
    Get on your jobs and start doing stuff. At least call or text and see how the planning is going.

    Dear FI,
    For once tell me when you dont like my ideas for the wedding.Stop saying whatever you want I'm not asking for any reason. Oh yeah and can you start to get together your guest list. I dont know all the family and when they be watching the wedding video on youtube dont blame me. Love Ya!

    Dear God,
    Thank you for watching over me and my family and keeping us safe.

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    Dear FI…..Thank you for being such a wonderful man. Why, because you drove over here when the road conditions was still hazard, just because you wanted to spend time with me. You didn’t have to stop off at the grocery store, but you did because I wanted chili for dinner. Then you got your truck stuck in the snow and some nice man help pulled you out the mountain of snow drifts. Then you come in and help finish stuffing the save the dates and cooked dinner for me. I love you!!!!!

    Dear Mom and Dad……Stop adding people to the guest list please.

    Dear Beautician……Thank you for getting me in early Saturday morning, because I can’t stand all this new growth in my head. Oh BTW…..I found another gray hair, so I am going to need for you to handle that there.

    Dear boss……I will not allow you to continue to put gray hairs in my head…..and please do not set up another meeting then email with an agenda of the topics I am suppose to talk about. Your agenda sucks and is not on point for the mission outline for this meeting so please stop.

    Dear Snow…..Just stop

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