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January 2011 Weddings

Is your wedding like a School Project?

I've been engaged over 2 years.  It's crazy to think that its been that long but because I've been planning so slowly its hard for me to put my butt in super drive and get things done.   I'm getting married in a week and still have things to get done I told myself i would have done months ago.  I've realized for me that planning this wedding is like a semester long school project (I just graduated in May).  I procrastinate knowing I have a ton of time then freak out and work quickly under the pressure of a deadline.  That being said, I'm SO nervous about everything coming together... but it hasn't hit me that I'm actually going to be MARRIED in one week... I'm going to be a MRS!

I don't know why the pressure of a deadline freaks me out but I can't comprehend I'm actually going to be married.  Everyone else around me can... I just needed to get this out there and wondered if anyone else felt the same...

Re: Is your wedding like a School Project?

  • I sometimes feel like the day is still far away...but its just surreal. I think its going to punch me in the face uhhh maybe Wed. LOL It's so weird but I love it!
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  • I'm not really feeling the pressure of a deadline. Everything is done, I just have to box it all up and deliver it to the venue on Friday and the wedding cooridinators there will set everything up. What I'm not too crazy about it that my week is essentially already planned for me. AND I just remembered that I don't really like being the center of attention that much and I'm basically scared to be in front of my family professing my love for my FI. HAHA <--- nervous laugh
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  • I totally agree!  I procrastinate too.  I still am.  I'm down to 12 days and I still haven't thought about programs or how much alcohol needs to be purchased.  I just assume things are going to magically get done.  But at the end of the day, it will be a great party and I will be married to my best friend.  Good luck ladies!!  Have fun!!
  • Yea, we dropped everything off today for the reception and have our meeting tomorrow for the ceremony.  We need some paper to crop the programs but thats about it...  And I feel your pain!  I like being the center of one person's attention but any more is just intimidating and I hate getting my picture taken (I'm usually the one behind the camera)... Also, we haven't heard from the people who will be actually doing our wedding for the vendors so that makes me nervous... I'm just trying to stay relaxed, not focusing on the weather because I can't change it and enjoying the moment :)  Good luck to you ladies! Enjoy your day!
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