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Off-Peak Wedding Months

Hello everyone! So, my FI and I are in the beginning stages of planning our wedding. We're paying for it ourselves, so everything being budget-friendly is very important. We were originally thinking of having it in February 2013, but due to school, we might have to postpone it a few months. I know that the winter months are typically off-peak wedding seasons in NE Florida, but I was wondering if any other months fall under this category as well?

Also, this is slightly related, but do you ladies think Gainesville or Jacksonville has the better deals for the budget conscious bride? I'm from Jacksonville, but going to school in Gainesville. FI and his family are all from OOT (Out of State, really), and we wanted to do Gainesville as a compromise, but I feel like Gainesville might be a little more. I already know that flights into Gainesville are more expensive than the ones into Jax. Sorry for the long post but any advice or comments would be greatly appreciated! ^_^
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Re: Off-Peak Wedding Months

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    My guess is that Gainesville is probably cheaper overall but that's just an assumption.

    We got married in January which isn't a very popular month for weddings here, but most vendors we talked to still didn't offer any off season discounts.  The only exception was our photographer (I think winters tend to be slower for her so she did give us a slightly better deal). 

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    Okay. Thanks Kappa. It looks like we will definitely have to do more research!
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    Also for northeast Florida some places consider July and August off peak as well because its so hot.  Its different for each vendor/venue, but we saw some dramatic price changes moving ours from June to July in St. Augustine.
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    Definitely consider March and November! These are generally 'off-peak' around here and the weather is usually great, particularly in early November or late March. =)
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